After months of hot temps and breezy tees, we relish these cooler months and slipping into knits. For our latest collection, we’ve headed to Peru and explored the timeless craftsmanship and unsurpassed softness of alpaca fleece. “This collection is a first for us,” says VP of Design, Theresa McAllen, who traveled to Peru with fellow designer, Christy Whitley, to meet with weavers and artisans. “Alpaca has a softness as well as a durability that’s undeniable, and we also added hand embroidered details to our sweaters and cardigans.” 

Next to cashmere, alpaca has become one of the most coveted fibers in the world, especially with its limited availability (Peru is the premier spot in the world for these funny-looking, fluffy creatures). To give you an idea of the exclusivity factor, there are approximately 700 million cashmere goats worldwide, and only 3.5 million alpaca. Plus, the alpaca fiber is celebrated for being hypo allergenic, as well as for it’s tendency to pill less than other fleeces. “Alpaca weaving is a traditional craft, so it’s also considered fair trade, which was important to us with this collection,” adds Christy. 

One of the favorites from this Fall Collection is the Rosemary Pullover, a traditional crewneck with ribbed trim that has been emblazoned with gorgeous array of roses. We also took the same inspiration and applied it to the Rosemary Cardigan, which is the perfect blend of a classic knit with its roll-over collar and chunky buttons. “Perfect for the holidays and beyond,” says Theresa. “And both can be worn with daytime denims or paired with a chic maxi skirt."

For something slightly more understated, but still striking, there is the Kurt Pullover. This has an artisan edge with its hand-embroidered details on the sleeves, as well as delicate volume and an exaggerated cuff. “I love this sweater because the silhouette feels fresh and is super feminine,” says Christy. “I’ve pared it with our FezaVelvet Pants and it’s so chic. It’s what I’m planning on wearing for all my upcoming, small holiday gatherings.” 

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