The Japanese have an activity they call “forest bathing”. It’s the practice of absorbing yourself in nature in a mindful way. No bathing involved, it’s simply the act of being in nature and immersing yourself to its sights, sounds and smells. In Japanese studies, even 20 minutes of this quiet and aware wandering could help to strengthen your immune system, reduce stress and even enhance creativity. So, if you’re taking a day hike or going camping this summer, make sure you take a moment for a few deep breaths before hitting the trails. As well the right sneakers, our new activewear is the perfect companion for carefree hikes so we’ve matched up some of our favorite walking locales with the equally dazzling, matching activewear sets.

Butterflies in California

Have you ever witnessed a monarch butterfly migration? Truly spectacular and the inspiration behind our Cressida Raglan Crew Sweatshirt and Cressida Legging. Perfect summer hiking clothes that are crafted from a lightweight knit and printed with fluttering butterflies like the standout Monarch. In the summer, they can be spotted in the Midwest or Southern California (our home!) and one of our favorite day hikes is the Griffith Observatory Trail in Griffith Park. You get a jaw-dropping vista over LA and can choose from moderate 2 to 4 mile trails.

Floral Blooms in Maine


While not a necessity, why not make your hiking clothes as cute and colorful as fields of flowers you are wandering through? The relaxed-fit Uptown Raglan Crew Neck Sweatshirt paired with the Uptown Legging, which features a psychedelic dahlia print and is the perfect activewear set for a hike through the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens in Boothbay. It’s over 300 acres of natural as well as cultivated flowers, and, of course, the Dahlia Garden, which features 60 types of our favorite bloom—from the giant dinner-plate sized flowers to the more delicate orchard varieties—is a must-see. If it’s a warmer day, pair the patterned legging with the matching Uptown Favorite Short Sleeve Crew Neck Tee. Blooming beautiful.

Stargazing in Utah


Early mornings and afternoons are the ideal time for a hike in Utah during late summer and early fall. Renowned for its wide-open spaces and sandstone, one of the most magical is Zion National Park. Plenty of trails to choose from but in the spirit of “forest bathing” we like the Riverside Walk, which follows the Virgin River along the bottom of Zion Canyon and takes you to a hanging garden. Don’t miss the night sky in all its star-filled wonder and soak it up in the Manu Legging and matching Manu Modern Zip Up Hoodie, which is sprinkled with embroidered stars and a dozing snow leopard on the back. Get extra cozy by wrapping up in the Jungle Cozy Blanket as you gaze at the celestial bodies.


For matching active sets, backpacks and bundle-up blankets for any overnight camping, head over here.