(Photo was taken by, Matt Steindl)

When it comes to interior design, we love anything bohemian, textural and handmade. Macramé, the knotty trend that was everywhere in the seventies is back and with its neutral hues and one-of-a-kind appeal, it’s one of our favorite revivals. So, when we went searching for some of these textile crafts to add to our stores we didn’t have to look much further than one of our beloved weekend retreats, Joshua Tree, where we met Gabriella Nagy.  She’s a yoga instructor and also creates these stunning hand-knotted wall hangings under the name Maitri Macramé that you can see in our stores.

JW: Tell us about the piece you created for us?
There are four different designs and each store gets a slightly different selection. One of the things that really inspired when creating this collection was the wood dowels. My husband and I went searching in Joshua Tree and found these beautiful branches from the Creosote Bush, as well as Jumping Cholla cactus. My husband oils them a little to highlight the natural grain, and then I study them for inspiration. These bushes are thought to be magical, and some of the branches could be 2000 years old.

JW: Which is your favorite piece?

GN: I love the piece that has a tulip shape. I use a natural cotton and the first time I made it, it took me a couple of days because sometimes I’ll do some knots, undo them, and then try again until I’m fully satisfied. For me, anything you do with the hands and fingers is an extension of the heart, so making these feel like a very loving gesture, just like when I teach my heart-centered yoga classes.

JW: How did you first learn about macramé?
GN: I only learned at the beginning of last year when a woman who stayed at our Airbnb in Joshua Tree showed me but ever since I’ve been fascinated by this art of knotting. I’m amazed by what one can create by knotting ropes and yarns together in different ways and I also love the feeling when people who have bought one of my pieces send me a picture of it in their home–it makes my heart soar. The right piece can really uplift and energize a room.