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It's Sweater Weather

After months of hot temps and breezy tees, we relish these cooler months and slipping into knits. For our latest collection, we’ve headed to Peru and explored the timeless craftsmanship...
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  1. Cozy Up with our new Throw Blankets

    How to Make a Blanket Statement Just like that, it’s back-to-school (even if it is all virtual), staycations are coming to a close, and the days are feeling shorter. Of...
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  2. We Thank You

    You may not be able to see it, but we're smiling with gratitude under our masks.  If anyone had told us at the beginning of the year that we'd all...
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  3. We love you, Mom!

    One of our favorite days of the year is Mother’s Day. Celebrating mom and all the other strong women who have an impact on our lives feels like one of...
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  4. To Mom, With Love - The Prettiest Silk Scarves

    Celebrate the wonderful mothers and special women in your life with a gift she’ll adore — a signature silk scarf that is as beautiful and unique as she is. Our...
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  5. We've got you covered with JW Face Masks

    Stay Safe and Keep Covered We’ve always celebrated the importance of being of service at Johnny Was and are constantly striving to do our part. Now, more than ever, it’s...
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  6. Home(goods) for the Holidays

        Holiday decorations are festive, but they get packed away in January, which can make those drab months feel even more lackluster. To liven up your abode 365 days...
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  7. Last Minute Gift Guide

    It happens every year. The holidays seem to sneak up on us and those lofty plans of languid shopping trips and home baking quickly get replaced by panicked late-night online...
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  8. Welcome to Wellness

        Need a reason to slow down and take some time for yourself? Well, seize the day because every day should be a celebration of self-care. That doesn’t always...
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  9. Suits that Suit You

    We can all be a bit particular when it comes to choosing a swimsuit. Rightfully so. A bathing suit is the least amount of clothing most of us wear in...
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