Instead of jotting down tons of maybe-we-will resolutions, for the end of 2018 we’ve decided to look back with gratitude and forward to 2019 with an expectation (without making too many plans). For all of the craziness in this world, we’re forever grateful for family, friends, nature and being able to find beauty in everything from a peaceful morning latte to looking out from the top of Machu Picchu (two of us did this a few weeks ago and it was stunning).

So, why not celebrate happy endings and new beginnings by making your own gratitude list–according to many scientific studies over the last few years, practicing gratitude does everything from aiding your sleep to improving self-esteem and relationships. When you’re done, jot down a few intentions or things you’re excited about for the new year. To get in the spirit and ready to ring in 2019, we asked some of our Johnny Was staffers what they loved and what’s on the horizon.



“The best thing about 2018 for me was that I started working at Johnny Was, I love my co-workers. For 2019, I’m taking a trip to Nashville and I’m so excited to listen to some country music and try line dancing! As far as what to pack, it’s all about a jumpsuit.” – Tina Persky, E-commerce Merchandiser

“I have a few favorite moments from 2018, I went to Coachella earlier this year and also got to see Fleetwood Mac. For 2019, I’m really excited about my job and growing with the company. I love how a lot of the clients that come into my store in Newport Beach have become friends; I get just as excited for the new pieces every collection as they do. My favorite piece from the current Resort collection is the Camellia Sarong! The bright, airy floral print is gorgeous and I just love the versatility of this piece ” – Aimee Schorsack, Newport Store Manager

“My favorite part of 2018 was moving into my apartment, living on my own and decorating a space that is all mine. For 2019, I’m super excited to go on a cruise throughout Europe with my mom and brother–it will be the first time all of us have been outside of the country together. I’m hoping to be able to snap up a   Johnny Was kimono to wear on deck!” – Alexandra Smith, Marketing Coordinator