It only seemed a natural progression that we introduce beauty to Johnny Was--we’re completely thrilled to showcase a few of the creators and products that we can’t live without. It’s a curated collection of wellness makers who put their focus on every aspect of feeling (and looking) your best. From hair care to skincare to fragrance, every small act of self-care gives the body and soul a boost. As expected, we’ve done extensive research and have enjoyed every second of spritzing, patting, smelling and smearing.

In introduction, we’ll be profiling all the different brands in the upcoming weeks and delving into their inspirations, ingredients and application tips. First up, Melinda Lee Holm, a tarot reader, whose holistic line of skincare and fragrance celebrates the rituals of daily life, while also pampering your skin, space and spirit.

JW: Melinda, we’re so happy to have you at Johnny Was. Tell us about the products you’re showcasing?

MLH: We’re starting with our core collection—Fragrance Oil I and ll, Energy Setting Spray, Universal Dry Oil, and Transformative Face Oil. These are the essence of my brand, elevated daily essentials for spiritual and physical well-being. I also felt these had a parallel attitude to the Johnny Was style, which I see as elegant and warm.

JW: Do you have a favorite?

MLH: That’s a tough one, I love all my children equally! Right now, I’m particularly grateful for the Transformative Face Oil, it has saved my skin and the one product I cannot live without. I don’t see skincare as simply caring for my skin, I always ask if it will work on multiple skin types, help to boost spiritual wellness and, is it a product that you can’t find anywhere else.

JW: You have such a strong spiritual background with your tarot practice, how did that help you to create your line?

MLH: It was everything—the directive for the first Fragrance Oil was that it be centered around frankincense, ginger, and palo santo—a combination that energetically matches the meaning of my personal magickal symbol on the packaging. I used this initial fragrance in all the other products as well and then wove in some different notes to add a little mystery.

JW: How do these products mesh with your spiritual work?

MLH: I have been reading tarot since I was a teenager when I stumbled upon the metaphysical section in Barnes & Noble! Now, I have been practicing it for many years and my spiritual work is always rooted in a practical, grounded and a holistic view of wellness, and I believe there is no spiritual wellness without emotional and physical wellness. I see skincare and fragrance as a way to honor ourselves.

JW: How do you like to use your fragrances?

MLH: I suggest that women keep fragrance with them at all times, a quick spritz lets me create a little energetic haven wherever I go, just by smelling my wrists.

JW: Any other must-know tips?

MLH: Yes, something I learned from my hairstylist is that the Universal Dry Oil, which is made for the body, also works great on hair. I went in for a cut and he finished the styling by spraying a little on his hands and smoothing it over my ends. Worked like a charm!

If you're anywhere near our San Marino, CA location stop by this Saturday, 6/26, to meet Melinda & maybe get a personal reading from 12-3 pm.

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