How’s your new year resolution list coming along? It’s human nature to aspire to be better but—here’s the kicker—the secret to setting a goal for the upcoming months is to make it realistic. It's a well-known fact that gym crowds surge in January, only to thin back out by mid-February (we’ve all been there, or not been there, as the case may be). Sometimes, it almost seems like resolutions are just made to be broken but trust us, they’re great, productive ways to set goals. Deciding to make positive changes, like ditching a bad habit for a healthier one is always a good idea—one you should see through to the end.

Often, what we don't realize is that the problem isn't that we aren't capable of sticking to our resolutions—it's that we need to do a better job making resolutions that are actionable and achievable. We took a quickie poll before heading out to ring in the next decade of what the crew at Johnny Was has on their lists.

“My resolution for 2020: LESS IS MORE! Spend less, waste less, less screen time, etc. Being more mindful when it comes to all of these things.” – Lola Wydler, associate designer

“One of my goals is to watch less TV, even though Netflix is my bff! I've subscribed to The New Yorker and Time Magazine to help me go back to the old school way of getting information. I think reading phone apps are great but it often leads to me clicking over to Instagram. Don't worry I'll recycle the weekly magazines once I'm done.”  –Val Garcia, retail operations manager

“Take Spanish classes. I have a trip planned to Mexico City later in the year and am determined to be able to say a couple of grammatically correct phrases!” – Catherine Nation, executive vice president of retail

 Some tips to guarantee more success? Write down your goals, keep them simple and do regular check-ins. For example, if you goal is to “save money”, you’re more likely to keep it if you make it more attainable, like “save $30 a  week” and then think of ways to make that happen whether it’s to get a library card and skip book purchases, walking instead of driving or bringing lunch to work once a week over ordering out.

We want to know what you’ve committed to for the new year. Head over to our Instagram and drop us a comment @johnnywas. Finally, if wellness is a goal, head on over to see our latest in swim, yoga mats and our ever-popular leggings.