• Scarf Savvy Sunday: Ellyna Scarf

    The Ellyna is a Johnny Was staff favorite. Meaning “Shining Light” in Scottish, Ellyna truly is just that. Set against a pale, all-seasons gray, colorful flowers brighten and show through, adding just the touch of spring that we see coming around the corner. This luminous treasure can be worn several ways.

    Check out our Silk Lab online here to discover all the possibilities in which scarves can bring glow to your spirit.

  • Every Closet Needs Embroidered Denim

    There’s a few key pieces that every closet should have because they never go out of style—a great pair of trousers, a dress that makes you feel amazing and a timeless denim jacket.

    For Spring 17, we created the Jasmine Denim Jacket from the 3J Workshop collection. “We took the season’s coolest jacket and gave it an artisanal feel with a gorgeous embroidery design, “ says designer Theresa McAllen, who adds that the stitch work was inspired by a vintage tapestry she had seen while on vacation in Spain.

    The first jean jacket appeared on backs of hardworking cowboys, miners and railroad engineers back in 1880 and originally created to be a durable garment during the gold rush. Since then, it’s gone through many incantations but the classic design—with a button front and cuffs, four pockets and tabs on the waist—is still the most wearable and (in our opinion) what you want. It works with everything; we paired ours with ours with the new Johnny Was Blue Skinny Jean for our catalog shoot because we love the whole denim-on-denim vibe, but this light-wash jacket will work with most of your closet from a maxi dress to a linen trouser. “Its cool but with a bohemian edge,” adds McAllen. Just what you always wanted. #johnnywashere

  • Scarf Savvy Sunday: Secret Garden

    Just as the name implies, this scarf brings new life and light to your soul, reminding us of spring’s approach. With a design that is inspired by the famous children’s classic, we are reminded that flowers and fresh air bring new life to spirit and that sometimes, adventure is the best medicine.

    As winter winds down and we start to see the first of many blooms and blossoms, take a moment to remind yourself to slow down, savor nature’s beauty and smell the flowers once in a while.

  • How to Survive 2017 in Style

      1. 1. Make Tea. The healing benefits of tea abound. Everything from mental stability to a thinner
        waistline are promised. We stick to peppermint at the office—soothing and great for lifting the spirit.

        1. 2. Snuggle with your Pets. Science has proven that animals can suffer from depression, just like humans. Giving that cat or dog (or bird?) a squeeze not only increases their cortisol levels and yours, it has also been shown to lower the incidence of stroke and heart attack in humans!
        1. 3. Tidy your Kitchen. Even Jennifer Aniston does it! Cleaning and organizing can provide a fresh start and even offer a tiny sense of accomplishment. If you’re just into drooling over celeb kitchens, this is a great place to start.
        1. 4. Think positively (and think of this luxuriously comfortable kaftan!) Available here.
        1. 5. Remember you can always rely on yourself. Although this might sound lonely, its intended to be the opposite. See this article from the Huffington Post on why this is true. Knowing your strength is liberating and empowering.

    Tea photo by agoramedia

  • Scarf Savvy Sunday: Meadow Scarf

    Meadows are truly remarkable. With large swaths of color, sponge-like qualities for healthy plant growth, and endless provisions for bugs and butterflies, meadows support green flora and fauna not found anywhere else.

    In the Sound of Music, two of the world’s most famous meadows are on prominent display. In the opening scene, Julie Andrews is seen twirling around the now renamed “Sound of Music Meadow,” in Germany. The Werfen Picnic Meadow in Austria was made instantly popular in the movie as well. When the children are taught “Do Re Mi,” they are picnicking at this beautiful location.

    Check out our Meadow Scarf here. We are hoping it brings just that touch of remarkable to your life.

  • The JW Way: How To Create A Great Valentine’s Bouquet

    If you want to say it with flowers this V-day, make sure you do it right. We asked Los Angeles florist Michelle Abbrecht, owner of 19 Stem Designs, for tips on creating a budding beautiful bouquet. When working with Mother Nature’s finest, it’s really not so tricky to put together your own token of love and affection. Here’s how:

    JW: What’s your fave type of Valentine’s flower bundle?

    MA: I never use roses—unless requested by a client—I prefer to use the beautiful spring flowers that usually arrive around this time of year in Los Angeles: Anemones, parrot tulips, sweet peas, hyacinth, hellebores and Dutch hydrangea in shades of pink and purple. Bouquets
    that seem as if they have been picked straight from a garden are very in right now and look whimsical and fun.

    JW: What is the easiest way to put together a beautiful bouquet?

    MA: The easiest arrangement to design at home is where you take one type of flower in one color palette; perhaps all lavender sweet peas in a clear glass tumbler;  pink roses in a mint julep cup or white hydrangea in a large ceramic bowl. Also, always take into account the fragrance, some people don’t like a super scented bouquet.

    JW: Any other great presentation ideas?

    MA: Any interesting vessel that is water proof will make a pretty container; I personally love vintage glass jars and coffee tins. If you are using something that may not be waterproof, say a wooden crate, put the flowers in a glass container first and then put that inside the crate. Other things I’ve used are leather pencil holders and that’s great for a guy (again, use a glass container inside of it) and I also love beautiful summer flowers, such as dinner plate dahlias or delphiniums, presented in brown craft paper. Get creative and have fun with it.

    JW: What’s the best way to make your bouquet last longer?

    MA: The number one culprit is bacteria in water so the best way to extend the duration is to change the water on a daily basis and make sure they are not placed in situations of extreme heat or cold. Of course, some flowers just last longer such as orchids and calla lilies, whereas blooms like peonies and dahlias are more delicate.

    JW: Any flowers that you should never use for Valentine’s Day?

    MA: Not in my book, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

    Jacket worn above is the 3J Workshop Ceciliy Military Coat which is another great way of saying it with flowers.

    19 Stem Designs 310-990-8104

  • Scarf Savvy Sunday: Frame Scarf

    With the Chinese New Year fully upon us, adding balanced patterns and lucky touches of red and gold to your wardrobe are essential parts of thriving in The Year of the Rooster. This effortlessly chic, full of delight Frame Scarf, does just that.

    With a boho-glamour vibe offset by a smart symmetrical design, this silk gem pleases a multitude of personalities—including the Fire Rooster who is said to be interested in time keeping and work. We’d rather shop!

    Did you know you can search for Johnny Was scarves by color? See the side bar here and find just the match for you.

  • The Scent of Love: The Best Fragrances for Valentine's Day

    The scent of roses on Valentine’s Day, the perfume your grandmother wore, a favorite candle—your brain is constantly cataloging scents, attaching them to emotions and influencing your mood. By surrounding yourself with positive scents and uplifting fragrances, you can bring comfort, happiness and many improved health benefits to your spirit and body during the rainy, gloomy days of winter.

    Our warm vanilla-infused fragrance, Talia, with notes of orange and jasmine, provides a perfect combination and just the small boost one needs for a vital spark.

    Natural Vanilla is said to have a major positive effect on mood. Many studies have linked increased brain function to the exposure of vanilla and its scent has been said to cure headaches, reduce inflammation and help to balance hormones. Centuries ago, it was even considered a remedy for hysteria.

    The sweet orange notes of Talia may even take you further. Citrus smells, in general, have long been associated with stress relief. And orange oil, in particular, is especially beneficial.

    In Prevention Magzine, Barbara Thomley, lead coordinator for the Complementary and Integrative Medicine Program at the Mayo Clinic says, “The scent of a fresh fruit can do amazing things. From what we've seen with our patients, even a quick smell can make a major difference. With any citrus smell, lessened anxiety always seems to emerge as a benefit.”

    Jasmine is also said to be a major mood enhancer, provide improved immunity and even act as an aphrodisiac.

    Whatever your fragrance choice, combining natural fragrances, like we’ve done with Talia, seems to go a long way to increase overall health, relaxation and mood.

    Write to us at social@johnnywas.com and tell us how you feel about Talia. The first five responders will receive a complimentary body oil!

    Johnny Was fragrance

  • Scarf Savvy Sunday: Revine Scarf

    Our latest release is reminiscent of an artfully made quilt. With beautiful floral patterns and pops of fresh color, the Revine scarf is gallery-worthy.

    We consulted the country’s most famous quilter, Rose Rushbroke, on how she begins a masterpiece.

    “All the principles of art come into play: Line, Direction, Shape, Size, Texture, Value and Color. When I work with fractal design everything but color is important. Once the design pleases me, then I'll work with color. Next I deal with the challenge of physical construction which involves how to put all the pieces together in a logical sequence. This requires simplification as the detail cannot be easily stitched until later when embroidery and quilting layers are added.”

    See Rose’s amazing fractal designs here.

    See our take on art within fashion here.

    See the Revine Scarf here.

  • Introducing Johnny Was Blue!

    johnny was boho jeans side

    There are few things that have the sustainability of denim in the always-fickle fashion world. Trends come and go, but jeans remain a staple within the closet of hipsters and grandmothers alike. It’s also the one item we are constantly updating in our wardrobes.

    After 30 years of searching for the best denim to accompany our embroidered tunics and signature silks, we’ve decided to create our own.

    Johnny Was Blue debuts later this week with three timeless styles: The Flare, The Skinny and The Tomboy, and we are excited to show you how we’ve gone far beyond basic to create a line that flatters every shape and personality.

    When our denim master craftswoman, Christy Whitley, started thinking about the design, she immediately thought about fit—wanting to design styles to fit everybody and every body. The second thought was about fabric. Each of the three styles contain Tencel to add amazing hold, recovery and give a “soft hand” to the jeans. She was designing with the Johnny Was customer in mind, who will pair these jeans with free-flowing tunics and other boho chic items that are synonymous with our brand.

    During the year-long design process, It seemed no matter who put these jeans on—from our various fit models, to our design team, to our office staff—everyone agreed the fit and fabrics were second to none.

    We finished by adding custom touches like interior red stitching details, pockets lined in our signature prints, a leather rose-embossed patch and custom-made Johnny Was rivets. Johnny Was Blue was born.

    Christy recommends trying all three pairs. (Today she has on the skinny, but yesterday she wore the Flare). They are all a little different, but being adventurous can produce great results.

    Johnny Was Blue is currently available at all 20 of our retail locations.

    Welcome to the new go-to in your closet.

    johnny was boho jeans

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