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Tropical Fourth of July Outfits | Johnny Was

Suit Up for the Long Weekend This July 4th, the perfect swimsuit or coverup will add a tropical punch to your backyard gathering. While your usual party-mode may be more...
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  1. Tie Dyed with Love - Johnny Was x Amanda Bond Capsule Collection

    We celebrated the Summer Solstice in a big way this year, by releasing our beautiful, ocean-inspired collaboration with the wonderfully talented Amanda Bond. Having worked with top LA designers such as...
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  2. One & done - Jumpsuit Edition

    Jump(suit) for Joy Need a chic "one and done" solution for your wardrobe? Johnny Was has boho jumpsuits, women's jumpsuits with sleeves, black jumpsuits and more. Like most things fashion...
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  3. We love you, Mom!

    One of our favorite days of the year is Mother’s Day. Celebrating mom and all the other strong women who have an impact on our lives feels like one of...
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  4. To Mom, With Love - The Prettiest Silk Scarves

    Celebrate the wonderful mothers and special women in your life with a gift she’ll adore — a signature silk scarf that is as beautiful and unique as she is. Our...
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  5. We've got you covered with JW Face Masks

    Stay Safe and Keep Covered We’ve always celebrated the importance of being of service at Johnny Was and are constantly striving to do our part. Now, more than ever, it’s...
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  6. The Classics - Kimono Style

    Kimonos: The Original Influencers Kimonos are nothing new; they’ve been worn by women and men dating back to the 1300’s but even in 2020 they’re still the cover of choice...
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  7. Hand it over - New Handbags!

      Spring’s Latest Accessories When it comes to a great bag or purse, what most of us look for is a classic style coupled with  a timeless craftsmanship and elevated...
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  8. Johnny Was Takes the Office Home

    Greetings From Our Couch At Johnny Was we truly value taking the time to create small luxuries, finding gratitude in the everyday and—let’s be honest—how to not completely lose our...
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  9. Dip your toes into the Wild Side

    The Wild Bunch: Spring's Freshest Print For the past few seasons, one of the mainstays on the runway, red carpet, and everybody's closet has been a chic animal print. From...
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