• How to Pack for Coachella the JW Way

    Whether you’re a music festival regular or a first-timer, there are a few simple packing tips to guarantee your weekend is snafu-free. We asked Sherrie G., who has gone to Coachella an impressive thirteen times, for her fool-proof tips on arriving (and staying) in style. “My whole philosophy for Coachella is that it’s about absorbing as much music as you can, without getting a bad sunburn,” she laughs. “Also, I love every desert sunset I've seen over those polo grounds —the sky turns at least 6 different colors every night and it is something to stop and appreciate every time; so is the people watching.” To help you enjoy everything from sunsets to guitar heroes, here’s her packing pointers.

    The Right Bags: You’ll probably want two bags, one with all you clothes and other goods in it—we like a nice duffle like our Paige Weekend Bag that you can leave in your tent or hotel room, as well as a smaller bag that you’ll carry as you are checking out music. A back pack style like our Arwen Backpack is great because your hands will be free and it cinches shut easily.

    Biggest Packing Mistakes: Not having a wide variety of comfortable clothes. “There have been a few years where it did get chilly at night. It is a good idea to share a locker with your friends and leave a flannel or a hoodie in there for night time use,” suggests Sherrie. To reserve your locker ahead of time go here. Also, pack the comfiest t-shirts you own and give yourself at least 2 per day, in case one gets sweat-soaked, spilled on or wet.

    Top Five Purse Items: When walking around during the day, all the bulky items will be left in your tent (or hotel room) but you’ll want some incidentals to ensure a snag—and sunburn—free day. First up is big hat for sun protection. “Pick a sun hat with a chin strap so you can let it fall behind you when you don't need it,” adds Sherrie. Other must-haves are a good sunscreen (pick a cream over a spray because it’s easier to apply if it’s windy), a reusable water bottle, a schedule of events, and a cell phone charger or battery pack. “Sometimes it can be tricky to find a charging station so a battery pack is optimal; you’ll want to check in with friends from time to time and upload all those obligatory stage pics to Instagram.”

    What To Wear: Wear breathable fabrics and closed-toed shoes (unless you want seriously dusty feet). “Some gals throw on a bikini, pull on some jean shorts and wear a light cover up, or lovely flow-y cotton dress is also great,” says Sherrie. “but whatever you do, skip the jeans since you are in the desert and you’ll get super hot.”

    Want more packing advice? Check out this video on how to make the most of your festival experience.

    Also, check out the Coachella website for the complete line-up of music, what to eat, where to park and other weekender tips.

  • Scarf Savvy Sunday: Rose Lace Scarf

    Roses are symbols.

    Red roses, in particular, epitomize love and beauty. Pink roses show admiration, gratitude and appreciation.

    The Johnny Was Rose Lace Scarf is the perfect combination of these symbols.   Touched with enchanting lace markings and the beauty of roses, this silk gem is the perfect accessory to love this season.

    Each week, we release a unique and fascinating silk scarf design, each with a unique story to tell. They are some of our most-loved products, and with good reason—these timeless gems bring the beauty of color and the timelessness of style to life.

    The smallest of thoughtful details are incorporated to make each piece unique. This week’s Rose Lace Scarf can be styled many ways. Find all of our silks at one destination, The Johnny Was Silk Lab.

    To see the Rose Lace Silk Top, click here.


    Flower image courtesy Michael George Flowers.

  • Creative Scarf Tying Ideas

    Our scarves bring the magic. Whether they function as a powerful personal accessory or as a beautiful piece of art, Johnny Was scarves are silk gems, filled with the ability to transform the ordinary.

    We release a new scarf design each week to add fresh dimension to your style. In fact, our growing collection of scarves can only be matched by the ways we’ve invented to work them into our everyday wardrobe rotations.

    To add just the perfect touch of casual glamour, we love to loosely tie our signature silks around a pony tail. One knot and long layers instantly take everything to a boho chic level. Add a white tee and a pair of Johnny Was Blues and the outfit is complete! (Image by Reuben Reynoso)

    If you're looking to update the look of denim, a scarf belt is a great way to go. Laced through the loops and knotted on the side adds a modern trendy touch! (Image by Reuben Reynoso)

    Accessories flatter accessories when tied onto a bag handle.   You can instantly change the look of a tote by this one addition. This is perfect for anywhere from work to the beach! (Image by Reuben Reynoso)

    A simple, classic style, tied around the neck, not only adds a pop of color near your face, it also brings the accessory front and center. The way we’ve shown here also shows off our tassles—a little touch we add to every scarf to stamp the Johnny Was Signature look. Filled with colors and prints for days, neck scarves deliver the perfect touch of class and polish when tied this way. (Image by Reuben Reynoso)

    When you visit our retail locations, you’ll also see the scarves framed, hung or displayed another creative way throughout our space. At each one of our photo shoots, we also style the scarves as flags. We feel they are a symbol of our style and individuality as a brand.

    What is the best way you’ve found to style our scarves? Send us an email at social@johnnywas.com and we will feature the best one on our IG

  • Scarf Savvy Sunday: Emma Scarf

    With the time change this weekend, you can immediately feel spring on the horizon. Longer days, the scent of flowers, and a bird’s nest finally coming to life, all signal that change is near. The Emma Scarf seems to capture this in one beautiful canvas. A fresh season and a touch of silk—that’s how Johnny Was does spring. Click to see this scarf and others that welcome the season here.

  • How to Clash Prints and Patterns and Still Look Fabulous!

    Chances are some of the things you love most about Johnny Was are our bold color choices, eye-catching embroidery details and custom prints. So, when the season’s trends turn to clashing prints and unexpected color combinations, there’s no better collection to help you do the clash than Johnny Was. “Creating an outfit with contrasting prints and patterns is a great way to take a piece of clothing and make it uniquely your own, as well as really showing off your personal style,” says Maritza Arrua, our Style Director, and creator of the cool looks you see here. Here’s her tips for clashing with chic and ease.

    1). Let one print dominate: If you are wearing a bold, floral top, clash it with another print that is smaller in scale, say a polka dot, or an even smaller print floral. That way there’s a great miss-match but it’s not confusing for the eye.

    2). Keep your fabrics in the same color family: If you want to team a floral with an animal print and also mix in a plaid, go right ahead, but try to stick with three complimentary hues for all the prints. For example, in the outfit Arrua created with the animal print jacket and skirt, all the pieces fall into the black, brown and cream family, so the overall effect is unexpected but still pulled together.

    3). Pick two different prints that share the same color: Go crazy with odd pairings of prints, but keep the background color the same. “I put the embroidered tunic underneath that cozy, draped cardigan and it works because both pieces feature a lot of grey,” adds Arrua.

    4). Stripes and plaids are a neutral: Sounds crazy but it’s true, pair your traditional button-up top with a floral maxi skirt or printed pant and you’ll see.

    5). Play with texture: Team one of our embroidered tees underneath a loose cardigan and they’ll work because the pattern is similar but the texture of a soft, flat woven teamed with a chunky knit makes it interesting.

    6). Mix solids and prints in a new way: Try mixing one of our single-hued tonal embroidery tops, with a bold embroidered skirt or pants or underneath a colorful jacket. Both pieces feature ornate stitchwork but one is more solid colored than the other so the end result is a great complimentary clash. “The main rule is to have fun with it, if something makes you feel good, it probably also looks good,” adds Arrua.

  • Scarf Savvy Sunday: Plaid Scarf

    Plaid is synonymous with fall, but don’t shy away from it during the warmer months.  With touches of camellias and hints of ranunculus mixed with this softened plaid, this beautiful silk gem is a foolproof accessory for the warmer temperatures.

    Breaking with tradition is part of the celebration of fashion—developing a style that is symbolic of you—not a season.

    For more information about the history of Plaid—visit here.

    Our Signature Silk Scarves are some of our most loved products, and with good reason - these
    timeless accessories add a pop of print and color to any tunic top or outfit, plus double as everything from decorative wall hangings to chic beach sarongs. Let your imagination run wild to find a million and one uses for your favorite printed silk scarves!


    One of the most unique ways to wear our Signature Silk Scarves is to combine two of them into this bohemian-chic top. This look is perfect for the hot summer weather, and you can customize it in infinitely many ways depending on the two prints that you choose! Check out the step-by-step instructions on how to tie your Johnny Was Signature Silk Scarves into a top.

  • Get Ready for the 2017 Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo!

    The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, held March 7-26, 2017, is the country’s biggest and most popular of its kind— drawing around two and half million people to see the animals, explore the educational areas and meet and greet farmers who are there to promote the best practices of animal care.

    The entire event actually kicks off on March 2nd, with the start of the World’s Championship  Bar-B-Que Contest. On Friday, March 3, Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner makes an official proclamation in front of City Hall, declaring the day, “Go Texan Day,” a day to celebrate living in Texas and mark the upcoming Rodeo. Houston residents dress in their best western garb, “put their best boot forward,” and embrace the spirit and excitement of the upcoming events as trail riders converge on Memorial Park in the heart of the city. On Saturday, March 4, the Downtown Rodeo Parade pairs horses and covered wagons with floats and marching bands, filling the streets of downtown Houston.

    The primary goal of the Show is to promote agriculture. With the help or more than 33,000 volunteers donating their time and talent, and the support of generous auction donors and an ever-increasing attendance, the Show is able to award scholarships and provide support to educational programs for Texas youth —and that is handily accomplished—with over $26 million raised last year alone.  The Rodeo also adds 7,000 jobs to the Houston Area, providing a huge economic stimulus for the community.

    Jack Lyons, Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Chairman of the Board, lauds the efforts, “With the hard work of our volunteers and staff, combined with the support of the Houston community, we are extremely excited about our ongoing support of education and the youth of Texas.”

    A definite highlight of the three-week event is the aforementioned Bar-B-Que Contest.  Over 250 teams from around the country battle it out for the title of “Grand Champion Overall.”  This competition has been described by the Houston Press as “vast and fierce.”

    The same could be said for the fashion game at play.  Styles range from denim and diamonds to completely casual.  Boots and hats are obvious must haves. There’s no better accessory for the Rodeo than a Johnny Was Hat band.  We had these made for our Houston customers and they are available at both of our Houston Stores with any purchase until supplies last.  Tie one around your hat, get another around a boot or belt loop!

    To get your tickets for the Rodeo, visit: http://www.rodeohouston.com/Visit-the-Show/Visitors-Guide#tickets

    For a list of our Houston locations, click here:  https://www.johnnywas.com/store-locator

    Have some fun pics of how you’ve styled Johnny Was for the Rodeo?  Send us your favorites for us to post:  social@johnnywas.com  (Lucchese Boot available at luccsese.com)

  • Scarf Savvy Sunday: Ellyna Scarf

    The Ellyna is a Johnny Was staff favorite. Meaning “Shining Light” in Scottish, Ellyna truly is just that. Set against a pale, all-seasons gray, colorful flowers brighten and show through, adding just the touch of spring that we see coming around the corner. This luminous treasure can be worn several ways.

    Check out our Silk Lab online here to discover all the possibilities in which scarves can bring glow to your spirit.

  • Every Closet Needs Embroidered Denim

    There’s a few key pieces that every closet should have because they never go out of style—a great pair of trousers, a dress that makes you feel amazing and a timeless denim jacket.

    For Spring 17, we created the Jasmine Denim Jacket from the 3J Workshop collection. “We took the season’s coolest jacket and gave it an artisanal feel with a gorgeous embroidery design, “ says designer Theresa McAllen, who adds that the stitch work was inspired by a vintage tapestry she had seen while on vacation in Spain.

    The first jean jacket appeared on backs of hardworking cowboys, miners and railroad engineers back in 1880 and originally created to be a durable garment during the gold rush. Since then, it’s gone through many incantations but the classic design—with a button front and cuffs, four pockets and tabs on the waist—is still the most wearable and (in our opinion) what you want. It works with everything; we paired ours with ours with the new Johnny Was Blue Skinny Jean for our catalog shoot because we love the whole denim-on-denim vibe, but this light-wash jacket will work with most of your closet from a maxi dress to a linen trouser. “Its cool but with a bohemian edge,” adds McAllen. Just what you always wanted. #johnnywashere

  • Scarf Savvy Sunday: Secret Garden

    Just as the name implies, this scarf brings new life and light to your soul, reminding us of spring’s approach. With a design that is inspired by the famous children’s classic, we are reminded that flowers and fresh air bring new life to spirit and that sometimes, adventure is the best medicine.

    As winter winds down and we start to see the first of many blooms and blossoms, take a moment to remind yourself to slow down, savor nature’s beauty and smell the flowers once in a while.

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