• Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at Johnny Was


    There is no better feeling than that of being loved. Whether it’s a significant other, family mem-ber, friend or even a pet, objects of our affection are what makes life worth living. Studies also show it’s actually good for you body and soul since feelings of attachment trigger the brain to produce the hormones oxytocin and vasopressin, which creates a sense of well-being and secu-rity. So, with all that amazingness, we think there’s so much more to Valentine’s Day than just booking a romantic meal with your partner. And for that matter, why not feel the love every day of the year? To get you inspired about who really warms your heart this Valentine’s Day, we asked around the Johnny Was team and who makes them feel all warm and fuzzy.

    “I feel the most loved when I’m surrounded by the laughter of my family. My uncles can make me see the funny side of any situation and sometimes you need that. Nothing makes me feel the warmth more than making someone smile.”  —Angela Avanesyan, Designer

    “Mornings with my mom are still my favorite. She brews the best coffee and the smell and taste of it makes me feel loved, warm and cared for. It’s probably why I’ll always be a morning per-son.” —Delia, Retail Operations Coordinator

    “When my fiancée proposed to me in Jerusalem. Before I could even react or say “yes,” he turns me around and I see my parents all the way from Los Angeles. We spent the whole day cele-brating with both families and it felt so amazing picturing us as one huge family for the first time.” —Maya Oz, Photoshoot and Sample Coordinator

    “My mom always sends me letters and cards. There is nothing better than opening my mailbox, sifting through junk mail and bills, and then seeing an envelope with my mom’s handwriting on the front. It’s a small token but it shows such caring.” —Anne Hammond, Director of Ecommerce

    “When my friends and family come together at the holidays and we play board games until the sun comes up! I have family everywhere—from Boston to Hawaii, and my best friends are in Vietnam, Paris and Bali so I really treasure and love the times I see them.” —Jean Leoncito, Web Merchandiser

  • Our Picks for Timeless Styles that work on Every Body

    Finding your style can be a tricky thing—on one hand we all have our version of a “uniform," those go-to pieces that feel great and get us out the door in minutes. Then there’s the slightly more daring, probably more fun, on-trend pieces that stand out and help us to create a personal look that’s uniquely our own. If you feel you’re missing some key pieces in your closet, here’s our list of what’s necessary and definitely worth the investment. Most importantly, pick and choose separates or dresses that make you feel fabulous, as well as inspire and elevate your spirit. Ultimately, that’s what getting dressed is all about.


    Little Black Dress

    Aliya Shift Tunic Dress

    Every woman needs a go-to LBD, from the casual to the dressy. Find one that makes you feel fabulous and that can easily switch gears and be paired with a heeled sandal, boots or even sneakers.


    The Perfect Accessory

    The Betty Scarf

    The essence of timeless chic is a classic silk scarf. Incredibly versatile and it can be styled a multitude of ways—from a boho headscarf, to a bold neck tie, to adorning a tote—regardless of the season. Pick what appeals to you; a bold floral, pale neutral or one of everything, because you can’t go wrong.


    Everyday Jacket

    Nadia Bomber Jacket

    Jackets make an entrance and a statement at the same time. Since they often cover up what’s underneath, look for one with expert tailoring and little extras that makes it unique, like a bold color, embroidery, unexpected volume or embellishment.


    Favorite Jeans

    Classic Boyfriend Jean

    Some women have a thing for jeans, some women don’t. Whichever side of the fence you’re on, every woman needs a classic boyfriend pair of denims. These usually have a mid-rise, a perfect fit on the hips and a gentle flare down the leg. They work on every figure, every height and can easily be dressed up or down.


    Perfect White Tee Shirt

    Calme Layering Tee

    A perfectly fit white tee (or even a couple) is an essential. It can be dressed up in a tailored jacket and heels, dressed down with flats and jeans. It’s also a great layering piece under a jumper or over a long-sleeve version for contrast.


    Black Pants

    Palazzo Pants in Black

    Pick a pair that can easily be dressed up when needed, but casual enough to wear every day. Aim for soft, enduring fabrics and a cut that has a little drama. Note: if you find a pair of black pants that make you feel fabulous, buy two pairs, it will be worth it for the amount of wear and love they give.


    Ankle Boot

    Retro Metallic Bootie

    Some things are always on-trend and ankle boots are one of them. They are far more comfortable under jeans than a full boot but still give a flattering, elongated look to the leg, while also working equally well beneath cropped pants or a skirt. Shoes often fall into the “you get what you pay for category”, which is why the great ones truly last for years.


     A Great Necklace

    14 Gold Small Heart of Gold Necklace  

    Every woman should have at least one piece of dainty, feminine jewelry in her collection. Versatile enough to go with jeans and a tee shirt, but formal enough to work on date night. Choose a precious metal that plays well with your skin tone and make sure the piece has some value to it (be it sentimental or as an heirloom) as this is the one thing that you can literally wear 24/7.

  • Four Essential Accessories to Complete your Look


    When it comes to your style, it’s important to understand the difference in staple accessories and seasonal ones. The staple items, the essentials, aren’t often trendy. They’re tried, true, and time-tested pieces that never go out of style. These items should be the ones you splurge on and adore. Quality matters since these are items that you’re not likely to phase out of your closet with changing trends. With that in mind, here are our four essential Johnny Was accessories that you absolutely must put into your wardrobe.


    Scarfs are incredibly versatile. Considering the numerous ways that they can be tied (check out our guide, here), you can use them in pretty much any season. Use them as belts, hair bands, shrugs, or neck coverings; whatever your choice, a properly styled scarf will turn heads.

    When it comes to choosing an essential scarf, however, we recommend picking a neutral color base that will work well with a variety of outfits. Then, add a pop of color in a tone that suits your skin tone. Warm tones should lean towards reds, corals, and pinks while cool skin tones do better in blue, purple, or silver.

    Our Picks:

    -Bazantam Scarf

    -Sari Scarf

    -Dragon Patch Scarf


    While belt trends can change, a classic, leather belt will never go out of style. The materials, closure styles, or thickness of a belt can be trendy, so when choosing an essential belt we recommend thinking fairly classic. Aim for a solid brown or black with a metallic buckle in about an inch of thickness. This item is a staple for any woman. If you already have it in your wardrobe, play with other staples that are based on the same concept. Stick with classic, neutral colors, but begin introducing new materials and thicknesses.

    Our Pick:

    -Tana Belt/Necklace


    If there was one accessory to be unique to every individual, it would be fragrance. Our scent is a huge part of our identities, in fact, it’s the very first way human babies recognize their mother. Additionally, artificial fragrances (perfumes) can smell completely different person to person based entirely on how each fragrance reacts to our individual pheromones and pH levels. Having a signature fragrance makes you an individual. It’s probably the best accessory you can have. It’s important to try a variety of fragrances to find the one that works best for you. We offer a couple of scents for women. They are:

    -Pink Peppercorn, which pairs spice with floral,

    -Juniper Berry, an Earthy blend featuring cedarwood, sandalwood, and morning coffee, and

    -Redwood Leaves, a musky blend of redwood leaves, chamomile, and clementine.


    Jewelry is perhaps the most often thought of accessory. Filling your jewel box is a lifelong adventure, and the pieces you choose should represent a balance between your travels, adventures, and experiences. Having a few larger, statement items is a must, of course, but when it comes to choosing essentials, think a bit more classic and timeless. A solid gold ball post earning or a diamond solitaire are items that come to mind immediately. From the JW collection, we suggest:

    -Simple hoop earrings. Available in large or small sizes.

    -Dainty earrings. We adore these small drops or these silver squares.

    -A solid metal pendant. We like this whimsical butterfly, available in silver or gold tone.

    -A neutral toned right-hand ring. Here’s our Eyla Stacked ring.

    -A little sparkle, like what you’ll find in our 7 Sapphire Crescent.

    -A dainty, delicate bangle.




  • Our Favorite Instagram Travel Accounts

    Rosey Pant

    Mishka Rose Embroidery Kimono

    The boho lifestyle is all about living in the moment. Capturing moments and experiencing the world around us is exactly the vision that we built Johnny Was on. We love watching women travel the globe and share their experiences with the world. Here are a few of the Instagram accounts that we can’t get enough of these days.


    This Hawaiian born femme now lives in Oregon but continues to share images from around the globe on her feed. Her photos balance deep seas, mountain tops, incredible sunsets, and breathtaking waterfalls. In 2018 she visited Hawaii, Iceland, Nepal, Belize, and Tahiti.



    Lauren calls Australia her home base and works in travel and marketing. Her photos are magazine worthy and showcase incredible natural settings as well as an abundance of wildlife. From kangaroos seemingly posing for her by a sunset to the fluke of a sperm whale, animals seem to just find Lauren. With always thoughtful commentary, Lauren really makes you feel as though you’re traveling with her.

    Langley Casual Hooded Tunic


    Mel, the gal behind Girl Eat World, combines two things we all love, travel, and food! On her Insta, Mel chronicles her travel through her experiences with local food. Everything from green tea soft serve ice cream in Japan to baked French bread in Poland. Following this feed allows you to eat your way around the world without buying the plane ticket or having to work off all the extra calories!

    Kaleid Hooded Duster

  • Johnny Was Most Versatile Outfits for Travel

    When it comes to travel, dressing for comfort is key. Of course, your personal style and fashion also matter, but not at the cost of comfort. Luckily, our designers keep comfort at the forefront of their mind in every design we offer. That’s why we’re able to easily offer you these three JW outfit combinations that are comfortable, fashionable, and perfect for travel.

    Warm Destinations
    Heading somewhere warm? (We’re jealous.) The key for comfort in these travel scenarios is to dress warm enough for your departure location, but breezy enough to fit right in wherever it is you’re heading. In these cases, we suggest a flowy dress that can work well with layers for the cooler temperatures.

    We Recommend:
    The Bora Silk Dress- The silhouette of this dress makes it an obvious choice. With a bit of flow, it will pick up the breeze in your destination to keep you cool, while the long length makes it easily able to keep your legs covered and warm enough for your hometown. The dress is effortless and elegant, with enough room to allow for comfort, but not a lot of extra fabric to add bulk in confined airplane seats. Pair with a scarf or cardigan to cover your arms in the cooler climate, and then remove them when you’ve reached your destination.

    Continue reading

  • Must Have Looks For NYE

    Just as important as what you’re going to do for NYE, is what you’re going to wear for the occasion. Of course, there are the classics: the glitter, shimmer, and metallic. But there are also ways to dress up a lower key, casual look. Here’s how to be the stand out lady in the room, direct with fashions from our current Look Book.

    Go Glittery

    We saw glitter and shimmer all over Fashion Week this year. If you’re brave enough to sparkle, there may be no better time all year to do it than on New Year’s Eve. But this year, we’re putting a new spin on sequins. Let’s leave the literal glitter for someone else, and instead, play up the sparkle in your accents. This plays into the fun of the evening without compromising sophistication. To hit on this trend, check out:

    Elena Scarf- With a subtle silver thread running through the rich golden tones of this scarf, this soft Italian made accessory is perfect for dressing up a pair of slacks and tank. If your skin is better suited to cool colors, check out our Lea scarf. Golden sparkle dances across a periwinkle scarf. Both scarves pair well with our gold plated Zade Druzy earrings. 

    Rich Colors

    A LBD is a staple any night of the year. While a little black dress is always at home on New Year’s Eve, this year we’re also tuned into the trend of rich colors. Specifically, red hues are red hot. Dress up your black dress or slacks with a rich maroon for a warm look that is on pointe for 2017. Specifically, we like:

    Tasseled Cashmere Wrap- An open-front cardigan to show off the delicate tank or top below it, (start with this slip) this wrap is warm and effortless. It’s perfectly draped to create a feminine silhouette that comes to the knee.

    If you prefer a more subtle color pop, consider making a big statement with a small accessory. Our Watermelon Tourmaline ring features a large center stone surrounded by white diamonds and encased in 14k gold. It’s a piece that will turn heads all night.

    Lush Fabrics

    We love velvet this season. It’s incredibly soft and offers a bit of warmth at the same time. Velvet empowers you to feel sexy, all while maintaining a definite feminine charm. This season we’re proud to present an entire line of velvet items in our “Velvet Voyager” collection. But, for NYE, these pieces shine the brightest.

    Velvet Jumper- A deep V neck and sleeveless cut complement this ankle length jumpsuit. The impact is overwhelmingly chic and sexy. A V-cut in the back balances the neckline creating a surprise detail that elongates your neck and invites an up-do hairstyle. This versatile piece is so comfortable, it could replace your little black dress permanently.

    Combine two trends by mixing velvet with a lush color when you select the Reylae velvet top. The high neck and embroidery detail are completed with a hint of sensual lace at the neckline. The top wears comfortably and drapes beautifully. You’ll feel comfortable and look stunning.

    The Little Black Dress

    If you’re set on having a little black dress for the holiday, don’t worry, we appreciate classic style, too. While we have a collection of black dresses in a variety of cuts and fabrics (including on-trend velvet) our favorite this season is the classic Drop waist. Play with a dainty, flirty look in this dress featuring a mesh lace at the collar and hemline. The dress swings beautifully and features a mesh back that just radiates sexy.

  • Essentials for the Perfect Holiday Party

    The perfect holiday party is one that has style, class, and the right amount of fun! There is a fine line between sophisticated and stuffy, and you don’t want to cross it. Here’s how to pull off a memorable event that is distinguished and delightful.

    Step 1: Pick a Theme

    They say the devil is in the details, and it’s easiest to plan for those memorable details when you have a central theme. While the “ugly Christmas sweater” theme is pretty popular, we’re fans of choosing something a bit more mature. For example, consider dedicating your event to a cause. You could even leave a “no pressure” bucket at the door encouraging your guests to make a donation to your cause.

    If you wanted to support the American Heart Association, for example, you could theme your entire party around the color red. If you don’t like this theme, feel free to great creative with other options. A few ideas include:

    • A soup potluck, with donations benefitting local soup kitchens
    • A vintage board game night, with donations benefitting Toys for Tots
    • A gingerbread house building party, with donations benefitting your local Habitat for Humanity

    Here are a few more options from HGTV for your consideration.

    Step 2: Plan Your Atmosphere

    Once you’ve decided upon a theme (and a charity, if you’re so moved) choosing coordinating décor, and music is a breeze. Let’s say you’re onboard with the American Heart Association theme. In this instance, you may choose to have red candles lit throughout your space, and play music that’s all about falling in love, or the heart.

    As for décor, a trip around your neighborhood allows you to collect evergreen, holly, and branches to create winter centerpieces. They’ll frame glitter bottles from ONEHOPE wine. (Those bottles, by the way, educate Americans about their risk for heart disease.) Finish off the décor with these hanging snowflakes, another simple graft.

    If you move forward with a different theme, plan your atmosphere around the way you want your guests to feel. Is this an upscale, sophisticated evening? Or is it one meant to be silly and fun? Let these things guide your choices on lighting, décor, serving ware, and even snacks.

    Step 3: Hit the Food Blogs

    A quick trip to Google will help you find easy appetizers and delicious desserts that fit your theme. Try to find ways to match your theme. Going back to the Happy Heart theme, it’d be very simple to serve “heart healthy” appetizers, or at a minimum, heart-shaped novelties. In any event, remember the golden rule of hors-d'oeuvres, they’re meant to be easy to eat. Whatever you choose, try to aim for finger foods that are clean to consume and bite-sized in portion.

    Step 4: Make it Fun

    Even if you’re goal is a sophisticated party, you should plan on offering your guests something to do. If “wing it” is your plan, you’re planning for a lot of awkward party moments. Instead, put some thought into what you’d like your guests to do. Will they be painting with Pinot, or making DIY Christmas ornaments, perhaps even participating in a white elephant gift exchange? If your activities require participation from your guests prior to arrival, make sure to tell them in advance. Otherwise, plan on having two or three activities to keep people busy. Here’s a list of 33 ideas to get you started. Don’t be surprised if the conversation takes off and activities are left unfinished at the end of the night. After all, that is kind of the metric of a successful holiday party.

  • Johnny Was Playlist: Our Favorite Holiday Tunes

    Everything just feels a bit more magical at the holidays and our stores are totally decked out in the spirit of giving, gratitude and community. “Johnny Was stores emanate with a cheerful energy this time of year,” says Ann Van Aken, manager of our Newport Beach store. “We try and make everyone’s shopping experience as effortless as possible, and it’s the time of year when we really feel the genuine relationships that we have with our customers.” So, aside from our gorgeous silver ribbon that adorns every gift box, and our velvet pieces that are perfect for any fête, part of our getting into the soul of the holidays is always music. Here’s a list of what we’re playing in the store and perhaps what you could add to your holiday playlist.Stevie Nicks version of “Silent Night” from the A Very Special Christmas is one of our all-time favorites, and the rest of the CD is pretty great too.

    Jack Johnson and his lovely version of the Stevie Wonder classic “Someday at Christmas” on the This Warm December: A Brushfire Holiday Volume 1

    Anything reggae with a holiday slant like the mellow, festive Reggae Christmas: 21 Christmas Classics or Reggae Christmas with one of our first loves, Bob Marley, and the Wailers.

    Sheryl Crow’s Home For Christmas has a couple of her own personally-penned tunes, as well as the classics.

    Other artists that we enjoy this time of year (and beyond) are Vance Joy, Steve Miller Band, The Rolling Stones and Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. Also, if you can’t visit one of our Johnny Was stores this season, for the first time ever we’ve created a gorgeous holiday catalog with our picks on what to give and get for your and yours.

    Have a beautiful holiday season whether you’re celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or Pancha Ganapati, we wish you are peace, love and lots of joy.

  • 5 Simple Ways to Heat up your Winter Wardrobe

    When it comes to trends, winter 2017 will be no shrinking violet. Styles are bold and exaggerated, with a bit of a throwback to decades gone by. Of course, this whimsical indulgence catches our eye, and we’re excited to talk trends and how items from Johnny Was designers can keep you in style.

    1. Pretty in Plaid

    Monotone plaids walked across runways all over the globe. Typically seen in a gray or white tone, the print showcased professional power. Our designers love the trend but want to put our playful spin to it. By working in color and floral embellishments, we keep this trend feminine and inviting. You can click here to see all of the plaids in our winter selection.

    1. Bright Cherry Red

    If this season has a calling card color, it’s red. Bright cherry was seen everywhere during fashion week. From patent boots and vibrant accessory, color pops to entire collections, red was a recurring theme. We love red as a way to showcase a bold, powerful persona, but that doesn’t mean it has to be abrasive. Take our Rona Tunic, for example. Its loose fit and flowy structure embody feminine charm. Paired with perfect needlework, this delicate red-on-red design is on trend and totally achievable no matter what your style persona is.

    1. If It Glitters …

    From evening tights, embellished sleeves, and even sparkly boots that take us back to the 1970s, shimmer and sparkle are in. Johnny Was likes to allow women to sparkle on their own. So, instead of obvious garments made of iridescent materials, we’re opting to prioritize accessories that sparkle. Pair our Butterfly Charm Hoop with a pair of jeans and basic black top for a hint of sparkle that’s appropriate in any setting.

    1. Your Boots Were Made for Fashion

    High heel, low heel, platform heel. Patent leather, glitter, velvet. This season it seems like boots are your best bet. We love the idea of adding our Retro Metallic Bootie to your wardrobe for a lot of reasons. In this one fashion staple, you’re incorporating several on-point trends. We worked sparkle, metallics, and a soft leather onto a low heeled bootie. Because the colors on the bootie are neutral, these boots will match a variety of outfits and pull on-trend ideas into every one of them.

    1. Drawstring Diva

    As we mentioned earlier, styles this season are exaggerated. As such, dainty wristlets and pouchettes are best left in the closet. The style is a large bag with free-form structure. Of particular note? Drawstring closures were highly emphasized. Our designers love the breezy elegance that drawstring closures offer, and that’s why all of our backpacks have them. But you can be even more on trend with our Tiva Drawstring Tote. It’s the perfect size, closure, and length for the season. It’ll hold everything you need and make you look effortlessly put together.

    Step out in style as the season changes with a few new items from our winter collection. Find a sophisticated look that is uniquely you by browsing our lookbook, or by diving right into our “New Arrivals” section.

  • Johnny Was Style: Metallics and How To Wear Them

    One of the biggest trends of the season is heavy metal style. Whether it’s silver, gold or bronze, a hint of shimmer to accessories or clothes not only gives your holidays a little extra sparkle, it’s also super flattering to all skin tones, elevates casual silhouettes, and an easy trend to work into your every day (or night). Whether it’s a stand out like our Biya Miena Sherpa Jacket or something more subtle like one of our signature embroideries, trying on a little metal has never looked more chic. “Johnny Was has always been known for our luxe, unexpected details, and metallic accents are synonymous with our aesthetic,” says Theresa Mcallen, designer of our 3J Workshop and JWLA collections. “Plus, who doesn’t love a little sparkle in their life during the party season?” To get you in the spirit of all things sparkly and bright, here are a few tips on how to make this trend your own.

    Amp Up Your Bag

    If you’re looking to dip into this trend, the most fool-proof way is with a new purse. “A metallic bag is a perfect addition to any look and if you pick a shade that is not too shiny, it’s our version of a neutral,” says Maritza Arrua, Johnny Was Marketing Director. Adding a small clutch, like our Elisa Laminated Sued Wristlet or medium-sized cross-body style in a muted, metallic leather is a quick way to make any outfit look a little dressier: Perfect if you have to do a quick-change from the office to an after-hours event.

    Try a Shoe Shine

    Make your go-to denim and tee ensemble stand out, or add a dash of visual allure to your LBD, by switching out your basic black heels or boots for a pair that has some shimmer. Our footwear collection was launched earlier this year and the metallic trend features boldly in our embroidery, as well as our leather choices. “My favorite is the Retro Metallic bootie. I like to wear these with skinny black jeans and a white tee or button up,” says Angela Avaneysan, Johnny Was Designer who was one of the creatives behind the collection. “They feel dressy yet still casual at the same time.” A bold shoe might be our favorite way to up the ante on this trend as it’s a little more unexpected and eye-catching, yet still low-maintenance.

    Find Your Right Metallic

    If you are slipping into a metallic style that frames your face (like a scarf, sweater or jacket), make sure you pick the right shade. In general, lighter metallics like light yellow or rose gold play well to paler skin tones, whereas darker skin will look luminous in deeper shades like bronze, copper or 24K gold. However, silver looks fabulous on everyone and is the real star of the season. For a bold statement, slip on a coverup like the Biya Battambang Jacket with ornate, artisan beading and stitch work, or try a more subtle approach with metallics like on our 3J Alaric Yoke Peasant Dress, an unstructured navy tunic with silver thread woven throughout the fabric.

    So, of all the current trends this winter that has the ability to instantly turn an outfit from drab to fab, metallics might be the best. And to us, it’s refreshing to know that personal style can always have a little bit of sparkle and a hint of the unexpected.

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