• Day Trips With Johnny Was: Charlotte, NC

    Charlotte, N.C., is topping our list as the perfect destination for art, culture, food and scenery. The new Johnny Was store, at the city’s South Park Mall, is loaded with southern charm and fresh, airy looks that are perfect for the season. Let’s take a day trip!

    The first stop is the Charlotte Sign at The Green. With distance pointer markers of different “Charlotte” cities around the world, this is a definite must-do (and must photograph) on your agenda.  The Green, a so-called “Pocket Park,” is surrounded by the city’s most famous museums—The Mint Museum and The Bechtler Museum of Modern Art. The park also celebrates literature from around the world with cool sculptures like oversized bronzed books and quotes by famous writers in a truly magical setting.

    Other art works worth checking out? The Firebird Sculpture in Downtown Charlotte is considered a “jewel in the crown of Charlotte’s public art.”  As the story goes, Andreas Bechtler, the Bechtler Museum of Modern Art’s benefactor, purchased the sculpture after seeing it at the Atlanta Botanical Garden in 2006.

    “When I saw the Firebird, I knew it was outstanding and would be great for the museum,” Bechtler said during the unveiling. “The Firebird is joyful, uplifting and engaging. It makes you feel that life is good.”

    At a staggering 17-feet-5-inches tall and weighing 1,433 pounds, the sculpture is hand decorated with more than 7,500 pieces of mirrored and colored glass, casting different reflections with the passing sun and shadows.

    Another cultural highlight; the Charlotte Ballet is celebrating it’s outgoing artistic director with a special performance entitled

    INSPIRED WORKS (JUNE 1-3, 2017).  This will showcase a fusion of all the ballets of outgoing director Jean-Pierre Bonnefoux, who created the lineup from audience and choreographer favorites.

    Lastly, no day trip is complete without a cappuccino break. Amélie’s French Bakery & Café is famous for its french pastries, lavender lemonade and, our personal pick, the mixed berry tart.  Check out the locations for Amelie’s here.

    So grab your camera, walking shoes and expect a day trip filled with art, music and sweet treats!

  • Expert Tips on How to Relieve Stress and Get Grounded

    Sometimes we lose our footing, feeling unfocused and ungrounded. With the stresses of everyday living—from the mundane to massive—it’s easy to become overwhelmed. We’ve all had that thought of, “I wish I could just switch my brain off!” So, since April is National Stress Awareness Month, we asked Shari Geitzenauer, an energy medicine practitioner—and Johnny Was fan—who lives in the Santa Monica Mountains, for her thoughts on what we can do to get centered, and feel better in the skin we’re in.

    JW: What are the signs of someone who needs to get grounded?

    SG: It’s that feeling of being stuck, when your life isn’t working and you’re having a hard time figuring out what action to take next, or what decision to make. A lot of times there are also physical manifestations like lack of sleep, anxious thoughts or weird pains, which is often blocked energy in the body. Also, if you keep making wrong choices for yourself—like dating someone inappropriate or drinking too much alcohol—that’s another big sign you need to look inward.

    JW: It sounds like it can happen to anybody, what are some simple ways that someone can get more grounded?

    SG: For me, the easiest way is to start the day with a quick meditation, I’ve been doing that for fifteen years. It doesn’t have to be a big deal, sometimes I’ll just sit, and close my eyes for ten minutes. Each day is different, some days it’s an hour—my mind can get very still—and others it’s jumping all over the place. I don’t set a timer but a lot of people do. Just sit, close your eyes and listen to your breathing—that’s the most important part—conscious breathing can slow down the body and help you tune into your intuition. For more meditation techniques go to how-to-meditate.org

     JW: Sometimes it’s hard to sit still, what about if I like to move?

    SG: Getting out into nature, wherever you live, always helps. I go hiking in Topanga Canyon everyday; there’s something about being outside and active that stops all the crazy thoughts. Also, being in nature gets you away from a lot of that busy chatter that we use to fill up our minds, such as the radio, TV or the internet.

    JW: Does unplugging from technology help?

    SG: Absolutely. Unplugging from technology on a daily basis is really important. Especially if you are looking for help in making a big life decision, getting quiet is key. We spend so much time distracting ourselves with our cell phones and the computer; I think everyone can benefit from less texting, less emails and less planning if you are someone who is constantly booking up your schedule.

    JW: How long does it take to feel any benefits?

    SG: Think of this a lifelong journey, it’s a way of life. If you start eating healthy and doing yoga a few times a week, you’ll feel better. You don’t have to make drastic changes, just think of it as giving yourself a little bit of down time. Plus, once you have the awareness that something is off in your body, it will instantly feel better to change.

    For more info on Shari and her work go to www.dreamcatchershari.com

    Photography by Reuben Reynoso

  • Introducing Our New Jewelry Collaboration: Logan X Johnny Was

    When we started looking around for an inspiring jewelry collaborator, we didn’t have to look far; just a few miles west to Venice Beach where Logan Hollowell creates some of the most covetable and wearable pieces we’ve ever seen. “I’d been asked to do collaborations before, but it hasn’t felt right,” says the designer who grew up in North Carolina, but arrived in LA a few years ago to pursue a career in fashion. “I was looking for a brand that has the same core values and beliefs and Johnny Was encapsulates that.” Here’s a sneak peek at some of her favorite pieces, her inspiration and how to layer jewelry to exemplify your own personal style.

    JW: What made Johnny Was the right fit for a jewelry collaboration?
    LH: There’s a timeless quality to the Johnny Was aesthetic that resonates with me, and it’s a collection that is loved by a wide age group. It’s bursting with creativity, as well as being inspiring to a free-spirited woman who likes to travel and definitely isn’t afraid of color. Personally, I’m a big fan of colorful clothes—so many women in fashion only wear black—and I’ve actually had people come up to me in the past and comment on how refreshing it is to see a woman wearing something bold.

    JW: How did you get inspired for this collaboration?
    LH: I’m never short of ideas, I have books and books of sketches and concepts. I also created a mood board of Johnny Was clothing, inspiring quotes, symbols, and things that I think represent the brand. I set out to design a really solid mix of pieces, something for every price point and taste. There’s some 18K gold vermeil that starts at $100, and there are solid 14K gold pieces that cap out at $2450. I also love to use stones and gems because they have grounding and healing qualities—diamonds are my favorite because they are unbreakable and make the wearer feel protected.

    JW: What’s your favorite piece from the Logan X Johnny Was collection?
    LH: I love the snake ring and cuff. Not only is it a great fluid shape, but snakes have for centuries symbolized fertility and birth, but not always in the traditional sense of having children. For me, it’s about creative fertility, and having an abundance of thoughts and ideas. To make these pieces feel extra luxe, I added some tiny diamonds as well.

    JW: Are there any tips for buying or wearing jewelry?
    LH: I don’t really have any hard and fast rules, just buy what you love. For necklaces, I like the layered look, so a couple of different pieces of varying lengths. If you are someone who wears your hair up a lot, try earrings as a signature piece. Personally, I always wear a lot of rings because I think they are the ultimate statement piece and everybody sees them. Most of us use our hands a lot when we gesture so it’s a great way to show off your personal style.

    JW: How much jewelry do you personally wear on a daily basis?
    LH: Oh jeez, lots. Let’s just say that when I go and get a massage it takes me about 5 minutes to remove all my jewelry before I lie down on the table!

    Discover the entire collection here.

  • How the Women of Johnny Was Wear Our New Jeans


    A few months ago, we came out with Johnny Was Blue, our collection of premier denim jeans. Designer and denim guru, Christie Whitley (she’s the lovely one with the pink hair in these pics) kept it simple and chic—3 styles, a few different washes, the best denim we could get our hands on, and a fit that’s flattering on every body type. “During the design process, it took months for me to get the perfect fit and I always had friends and staffers trying them on,” says Whitley.

    Here’s just a few of the women who work at our Los Angeles headquarters, all showing off how to wear the new JW Blue—different figures, different personal styles, all looking absolutely fabulous.

    Christy Whitley, Designer, Johnny Was Blue

    “I designed the denim so of course I love them all, but the Flare is probably my favorite, because I feel like I look taller and slimmer. Also, I love the whole 70’s rock ’n roll vibe, so I like to pair them with a pair of heels and a vintage-inspired shirt, like this one, or even a vintage band T-shirt.” 

    Lola Wyler, Associate Designer

    “I always wear a skinny jean. I’ve got hips, so I feel like this silhouette really works on me and these are an amazing fit. If I’m going out I like to add a wedge sandle, to give me a bit of height, and a cool leather jacket. I’m also a huge fan of military or bomber jackets and, unlike most women, I prefer my denim without a belt.”

    Meredith Cunningham, Senior Graphic Artist

    “I was anti-jeans until a couple of years ago, I only used to wear skirts and dresses but now I appreciate a good, slouchy boyfriend jean with a lower rise. I guess what converted me to the denim bandwagon was that it’s just so easy. I love to wear my jeans with pointy boots and I picked this silk cami under the leather jacket because I thought it was a nice feminine touch.” 

    Rebecca Garland, Assistant Merchandiser

    “I’m on the curvy side, so I like my jeans with a skinny slim fit; anything too wide feels like I’m just adding bulk to my frame. I love a really dark jean and often times I’ll take them to the tailor to get the waist nipped in a bit so they have a perfect fit. I like a medium rise—9” or 10”—and I’ll add a cool, chunky belt because it shows off my waist.”

    Michelle Gross, Graphic Artist

    “I have a bit more of a boho sensibility and I like a skinny jean because I feel like they really hold you in. I wear jeans all the time and prefer a really dark blue or black wash, and you can’t go wrong pairing them with a great white top. I’m also a bit of a shoe nerd, I have tons of them, and I always pair my denims with a heel because it elongates my legs.”

    There you have it. “When it comes to jeans, wear whatever you feel comfortable in,” adds Whitley. These women are proof positive that any style or figure can find (and fall in love) with a pair of jeans.

    Johnny Was Blue is currently available at all 20 of our retail locations as well as on our website.

  • Scarf Savvy Sunday: Fiesta Scarf

    In her latest book, Celebrate Everything, Darcy Miller gives you all the essentials to plan the perfect party. Divided into two parts, “The Party Handbook,” and “The Party Playbook,” she gives step-by-step details on how to take any event to the next level.
    As an editor for Martha Stewart, Darcy delivers her second book with serious street cred, having planned some of the most photographed and famous events in modern history.



    Johnny Was is celebrating spring accessories with the Fiesta Scarf. The Spanish word for party (and for festival) is the best name for this Johnny Was Signature Silk. With brightly colored tassels, a lively border and just the right amount of flowers, this piece is sure to delight!

    See Darcy’s book here.

  • How to Pack for Coachella the JW Way

    Whether you’re a music festival regular or a first-timer, there are a few simple packing tips to guarantee your weekend is snafu-free. We asked Sherrie G., who has gone to Coachella an impressive thirteen times, for her fool-proof tips on arriving (and staying) in style. “My whole philosophy for Coachella is that it’s about absorbing as much music as you can, without getting a bad sunburn,” she laughs. “Also, I love every desert sunset I've seen over those polo grounds —the sky turns at least 6 different colors every night and it is something to stop and appreciate every time; so is the people watching.” To help you enjoy everything from sunsets to guitar heroes, here’s her packing pointers.

    The Right Bags: You’ll probably want two bags, one with all you clothes and other goods in it—we like a nice duffle like our Paige Weekend Bag that you can leave in your tent or hotel room, as well as a smaller bag that you’ll carry as you are checking out music. A back pack style like our Arwen Backpack is great because your hands will be free and it cinches shut easily.

    Biggest Packing Mistakes: Not having a wide variety of comfortable clothes. “There have been a few years where it did get chilly at night. It is a good idea to share a locker with your friends and leave a flannel or a hoodie in there for night time use,” suggests Sherrie. To reserve your locker ahead of time go here. Also, pack the comfiest t-shirts you own and give yourself at least 2 per day, in case one gets sweat-soaked, spilled on or wet.

    Top Five Purse Items: When walking around during the day, all the bulky items will be left in your tent (or hotel room) but you’ll want some incidentals to ensure a snag—and sunburn—free day. First up is big hat for sun protection. “Pick a sun hat with a chin strap so you can let it fall behind you when you don't need it,” adds Sherrie. Other must-haves are a good sunscreen (pick a cream over a spray because it’s easier to apply if it’s windy), a reusable water bottle, a schedule of events, and a cell phone charger or battery pack. “Sometimes it can be tricky to find a charging station so a battery pack is optimal; you’ll want to check in with friends from time to time and upload all those obligatory stage pics to Instagram.”

    What To Wear: Wear breathable fabrics and closed-toed shoes (unless you want seriously dusty feet). “Some gals throw on a bikini, pull on some jean shorts and wear a light cover up, or lovely flow-y cotton dress is also great,” says Sherrie. “but whatever you do, skip the jeans since you are in the desert and you’ll get super hot.”

    Want more packing advice? Check out this video on how to make the most of your festival experience.

    Also, check out the Coachella website for the complete line-up of music, what to eat, where to park and other weekender tips.

  • Scarf Savvy Sunday: Rose Lace Scarf

    Roses are symbols.

    Red roses, in particular, epitomize love and beauty. Pink roses show admiration, gratitude and appreciation.

    The Johnny Was Rose Lace Scarf is the perfect combination of these symbols.   Touched with enchanting lace markings and the beauty of roses, this silk gem is the perfect accessory to love this season.

    Each week, we release a unique and fascinating silk scarf design, each with a unique story to tell. They are some of our most-loved products, and with good reason—these timeless gems bring the beauty of color and the timelessness of style to life.

    The smallest of thoughtful details are incorporated to make each piece unique. This week’s Rose Lace Scarf can be styled many ways. Find all of our silks at one destination, The Johnny Was Silk Lab.

    To see the Rose Lace Silk Top, click here.


    Flower image courtesy Michael George Flowers.

  • Creative Scarf Tying Ideas

    Our scarves bring the magic. Whether they function as a powerful personal accessory or as a beautiful piece of art, Johnny Was scarves are silk gems, filled with the ability to transform the ordinary.

    We release a new scarf design each week to add fresh dimension to your style. In fact, our growing collection of scarves can only be matched by the ways we’ve invented to work them into our everyday wardrobe rotations.

    To add just the perfect touch of casual glamour, we love to loosely tie our signature silks around a pony tail. One knot and long layers instantly take everything to a boho chic level. Add a white tee and a pair of Johnny Was Blues and the outfit is complete! (Image by Reuben Reynoso)

    If you're looking to update the look of denim, a scarf belt is a great way to go. Laced through the loops and knotted on the side adds a modern trendy touch! (Image by Reuben Reynoso)

    Accessories flatter accessories when tied onto a bag handle.   You can instantly change the look of a tote by this one addition. This is perfect for anywhere from work to the beach! (Image by Reuben Reynoso)

    A simple, classic style, tied around the neck, not only adds a pop of color near your face, it also brings the accessory front and center. The way we’ve shown here also shows off our tassles—a little touch we add to every scarf to stamp the Johnny Was Signature look. Filled with colors and prints for days, neck scarves deliver the perfect touch of class and polish when tied this way. (Image by Reuben Reynoso)

    When you visit our retail locations, you’ll also see the scarves framed, hung or displayed another creative way throughout our space. At each one of our photo shoots, we also style the scarves as flags. We feel they are a symbol of our style and individuality as a brand.

    What is the best way you’ve found to style our scarves? Send us an email at social@johnnywas.com and we will feature the best one on our IG

  • Scarf Savvy Sunday: Emma Scarf

    With the time change this weekend, you can immediately feel spring on the horizon. Longer days, the scent of flowers, and a bird’s nest finally coming to life, all signal that change is near. The Emma Scarf seems to capture this in one beautiful canvas. A fresh season and a touch of silk—that’s how Johnny Was does spring. Click to see this scarf and others that welcome the season here.

  • How to Clash Prints and Patterns and Still Look Fabulous!

    Chances are some of the things you love most about Johnny Was are our bold color choices, eye-catching embroidery details and custom prints. So, when the season’s trends turn to clashing prints and unexpected color combinations, there’s no better collection to help you do the clash than Johnny Was. “Creating an outfit with contrasting prints and patterns is a great way to take a piece of clothing and make it uniquely your own, as well as really showing off your personal style,” says Maritza Arrua, our Style Director, and creator of the cool looks you see here. Here’s her tips for clashing with chic and ease.

    1). Let one print dominate: If you are wearing a bold, floral top, clash it with another print that is smaller in scale, say a polka dot, or an even smaller print floral. That way there’s a great miss-match but it’s not confusing for the eye.

    2). Keep your fabrics in the same color family: If you want to team a floral with an animal print and also mix in a plaid, go right ahead, but try to stick with three complimentary hues for all the prints. For example, in the outfit Arrua created with the animal print jacket and skirt, all the pieces fall into the black, brown and cream family, so the overall effect is unexpected but still pulled together.

    3). Pick two different prints that share the same color: Go crazy with odd pairings of prints, but keep the background color the same. “I put the embroidered tunic underneath that cozy, draped cardigan and it works because both pieces feature a lot of grey,” adds Arrua.

    4). Stripes and plaids are a neutral: Sounds crazy but it’s true, pair your traditional button-up top with a floral maxi skirt or printed pant and you’ll see.

    5). Play with texture: Team one of our embroidered tees underneath a loose cardigan and they’ll work because the pattern is similar but the texture of a soft, flat woven teamed with a chunky knit makes it interesting.

    6). Mix solids and prints in a new way: Try mixing one of our single-hued tonal embroidery tops, with a bold embroidered skirt or pants or underneath a colorful jacket. Both pieces feature ornate stitchwork but one is more solid colored than the other so the end result is a great complimentary clash. “The main rule is to have fun with it, if something makes you feel good, it probably also looks good,” adds Arrua.

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