• 5 Simple Ways to Heat up your Winter Wardrobe

    When it comes to trends, winter 2017 will be no shrinking violet. Styles are bold and exaggerated, with a bit of a throwback to decades gone by. Of course, this whimsical indulgence catches our eye, and we’re excited to talk trends and how items from Johnny Was designers can keep you in style.

    1. Pretty in Plaid

    Monotone plaids walked across runways all over the globe. Typically seen in a gray or white tone, the print showcased professional power. Our designers love the trend but want to put our playful spin to it. By working in color and floral embellishments, we keep this trend feminine and inviting. You can click here to see all of the plaids in our winter selection.

    1. Bright Cherry Red

    If this season has a calling card color, it’s red. Bright cherry was seen everywhere during fashion week. From patent boots and vibrant accessory, color pops to entire collections, red was a recurring theme. We love red as a way to showcase a bold, powerful persona, but that doesn’t mean it has to be abrasive. Take our Rona Tunic, for example. Its loose fit and flowy structure embody feminine charm. Paired with perfect needlework, this delicate red-on-red design is on trend and totally achievable no matter what your style persona is.

    1. If It Glitters …

    From evening tights, embellished sleeves, and even sparkly boots that take us back to the 1970s, shimmer and sparkle are in. Johnny Was likes to allow women to sparkle on their own. So, instead of obvious garments made of iridescent materials, we’re opting to prioritize accessories that sparkle. Pair our Butterfly Charm Hoop with a pair of jeans and basic black top for a hint of sparkle that’s appropriate in any setting.

    1. Your Boots Were Made for Fashion

    High heel, low heel, platform heel. Patent leather, glitter, velvet. This season it seems like boots are your best bet. We love the idea of adding our Retro Metallic Bootie to your wardrobe for a lot of reasons. In this one fashion staple, you’re incorporating several on-point trends. We worked sparkle, metallics, and a soft leather onto a low heeled bootie. Because the colors on the bootie are neutral, these boots will match a variety of outfits and pull on-trend ideas into every one of them.

    1. Drawstring Diva

    As we mentioned earlier, styles this season are exaggerated. As such, dainty wristlets and pouchettes are best left in the closet. The style is a large bag with free-form structure. Of particular note? Drawstring closures were highly emphasized. Our designers love the breezy elegance that drawstring closures offer, and that’s why all of our backpacks have them. But you can be even more on trend with our Tiva Drawstring Tote. It’s the perfect size, closure, and length for the season. It’ll hold everything you need and make you look effortlessly put together.

    Step out in style as the season changes with a few new items from our winter collection. Find a sophisticated look that is uniquely you by browsing our lookbook, or by diving right into our “New Arrivals” section.

  • Johnny Was Style: Metallics and How To Wear Them

    One of the biggest trends of the season is heavy metal style. Whether it’s silver, gold or bronze, a hint of shimmer to accessories or clothes not only gives your holidays a little extra sparkle, it’s also super flattering to all skin tones, elevates casual silhouettes, and an easy trend to work into your every day (or night). Whether it’s a stand out like our Biya Miena Sherpa Jacket or something more subtle like one of our signature embroideries, trying on a little metal has never looked more chic. “Johnny Was has always been known for our luxe, unexpected details, and metallic accents are synonymous with our aesthetic,” says Theresa Mcallen, designer of our 3J Workshop and JWLA collections. “Plus, who doesn’t love a little sparkle in their life during the party season?” To get you in the spirit of all things sparkly and bright, here are a few tips on how to make this trend your own.

    Amp Up Your Bag

    If you’re looking to dip into this trend, the most fool-proof way is with a new purse. “A metallic bag is a perfect addition to any look and if you pick a shade that is not too shiny, it’s our version of a neutral,” says Maritza Arrua, Johnny Was Marketing Director. Adding a small clutch, like our Elisa Laminated Sued Wristlet or medium-sized cross-body style in a muted, metallic leather is a quick way to make any outfit look a little dressier: Perfect if you have to do a quick-change from the office to an after-hours event.

    Try a Shoe Shine

    Make your go-to denim and tee ensemble stand out, or add a dash of visual allure to your LBD, by switching out your basic black heels or boots for a pair that has some shimmer. Our footwear collection was launched earlier this year and the metallic trend features boldly in our embroidery, as well as our leather choices. “My favorite is the Retro Metallic bootie. I like to wear these with skinny black jeans and a white tee or button up,” says Angela Avaneysan, Johnny Was Designer who was one of the creatives behind the collection. “They feel dressy yet still casual at the same time.” A bold shoe might be our favorite way to up the ante on this trend as it’s a little more unexpected and eye-catching, yet still low-maintenance.

    Find Your Right Metallic

    If you are slipping into a metallic style that frames your face (like a scarf, sweater or jacket), make sure you pick the right shade. In general, lighter metallics like light yellow or rose gold play well to paler skin tones, whereas darker skin will look luminous in deeper shades like bronze, copper or 24K gold. However, silver looks fabulous on everyone and is the real star of the season. For a bold statement, slip on a coverup like the Biya Battambang Jacket with ornate, artisan beading and stitch work, or try a more subtle approach with metallics like on our 3J Alaric Yoke Peasant Dress, an unstructured navy tunic with silver thread woven throughout the fabric.

    So, of all the current trends this winter that has the ability to instantly turn an outfit from drab to fab, metallics might be the best. And to us, it’s refreshing to know that personal style can always have a little bit of sparkle and a hint of the unexpected.

  • Introduction to Mindful Eating

    As part of our continuing series on mindfulness, we’re taking a closer look at the primary principles of mindful eating and how this lifestyle approach can help you develop a more satisfying relationship with food.

    What is Mindful Eating?

    Just as mindfulness encourages you to focus on the moment at hand, mindful eating promotes an increased awareness of your daily food choices and how these choices impact your overall health and well-being. Eating mindfully allows you to tune in to your body and listen to your hunger cues so that you can nourish it accordingly.

    Five Principles of Mindful Eating

    1. Eat slowly.

      One of the most common mistakes people make when it comes to food is eating too quickly. As a society, we tend to hurry through meals and snacks in order to accommodate our busy schedules. But it takes about 20 minutes for the stomach to inform the brain that it’s fully satiated, and this delay makes it that much easier to overeat when we’re already dining impetuously.

    This mindless approach to eating can lead to some serious health consequences. Researchers have linked rushed eating to higher instances of metabolic syndrome and conditions such as obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes.

    2. Eat for fuel.

    It’s tempting to reach for a gallon of ice cream when you’re feeling down, but it’s important to differentiate between emotional hunger and the real deal. Food is naturally comforting, and many of us use food as a coping mechanism when faced with stress, anxiety, sadness or depression. Try to redirect your focus to your body’s physical cues (like feeling low on energy or hearing your stomach growl) instead.

    3. Eat with intention.

    Most social activities revolve around good food and conversation, and it’s all too easy to overeat when you’re engrossed in juicy gossip and surrounded by hors-d'oeuvres and wine.

    When you find yourself in a food-based environment, shift your attention to your dining companions and the conversation at hand, and look at food and drinks as a supplement to your social outing rather than the main event.

    4. Eat for optimal health.

    A major part of mindful eating involves viewing food as fuel and choosing nutritious options that nourish your body. Set yourself up for success by planning healthy meals and preparing your food at home.

    Not culinary inclined? No problem! Try a health-conscious cookbook that’s packed with easy-to-make recipes that use whole foods (we’re currently loving Seamus Mullen’s latest cookbook, Real Food Heals: Eat to Feel Younger and Stronger Every Day).

    Keep in mind that optimal holistic health also includes moderation, so give yourself permission to indulge on special occasions without feeling ashamed. Whether it’s a holiday feast or a family celebration, it’s important to treat yourself every now and then without feeling guilty about doing so. Go ahead and have that slice of pumpkin pie or birthday cake -- and savor every bite.

    5. Eat in peace.

    Mindful eating is impossible when you’re trying to multitask, so put down your cell phone, turn off the TV and stop checking your emails. Eliminate these constant distractions during mealtimes in order to put the focus back where it belongs: on the good food right in front of you.

  • Introduction to Mindfulness

    The world is a busy place, and most of us spend our days rushing from Point A to Point B with no real connection to our thoughts, emotions or basic needs. Our culture is undeniably sleep-deprived, distracted and overstressed… and that takes a serious toll on our overall well-being. At Johnny Was, we believe that inspiration is wherever you find it, but it’s hard to get inspired when you’re disconnected from your innermost self. If you’re in need of some inner peace, then the pursuit of mindfulness is an excellent place to start.

    What is Mindfulness?

    Mindfulness is defined as “the quality or state of being conscious or aware of something,” and it also refers to “a mental state achieved by focusing one's awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one's feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations.”

    Many people instantly equate mindfulness with meditation. While the two are certainly connected, they’re not one and the same. Meditating can help you feel more centered and calm, but its primary goal is to move beyond the mind to find a sense of stillness. Mindfulness is the ongoing process of making yourself more aware of your innermost thoughts as well as your present surroundings.

    8 Important Concepts of Mindfulness

    Mindfulness requires a great deal of practice and patience -- but its therapeutic impact is incredibly rewarding. The following concepts can help you learn to become more mindful in your everyday life.

    1. Mindful Intention

    One of the most common barriers to mindfulness is our society’s idolization of multi-tasking. Many people juggle such a wide variety of personal and professional tasks each day that we miss out on the day altogether. From work deadlines and family responsibilities to long lists of never-ending chores, most of us are so overwhelmed that we only stop to eat or sleep -- and even those activities are hurried or neglected. Take the first step toward a more mindful tomorrow by de-cluttering your life and simplifying your routine. Ask yourself what really needs accomplished each day, and prioritize your to-do list accordingly.

    1. Mindful Listening

    All too often, we spend our days so caught up in our own thoughts that we don’t give the people around us the attention they deserve. Mindfulness encourages you to actively listen to others rather than zoning out, daydreaming or crafting the perfect reply. When you really, truly listen to a person’s words and body language, you can drastically improve your day-to-day communication and avoid potential misunderstandings.

    1. Mindful Creativity

    All work and no play makes for a dull existence. Find a hobby that you love, take an art class, experiment with new clothes or start a journal. Engaging in creative pursuits helps you on your path to self-discovery and allows you to become better acquainted with your true desires. It’s also an incredibly productive way to de-stress.

    1. Mindful Exploration

    Our planet is full of amazing sights to see, and there’s so much to explore. Spend more time in the great outdoors, travel to new cities or just take occasional day trips to surrounding towns. Awaken your inner wanderluster, and get to know the world around you.

    1. Mindful Reflection

    It’s surprisingly easy to go through your daily routine without giving a second thought to your own thoughts, emotions, wants and needs. Challenge yourself to take regular timeouts and reflect on each day to help nurture your self-awareness. You’ll likely make some important discoveries along the way, such as what you actually want out of life (and what you can do without.)

    1. Mindful Solitude

    Whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert, mindfulness requires getting comfortable in your own skin. Center yourself for the day ahead with a cup of coffee in the morning, or unwind at night with a soothing bath. Solitude is one of the best ways to acknowledge your deepest thoughts and emotions.

    1. Mindful Self-Care

    How we treat our bodies is a direct reflection of how mindful we are in our everyday lives. Nutritious food, regular exercise and restful sleep are critically important to your overall health, and they provide you with a strong foundation for mindful living.

    1. Mindful Appreciation

    Every day is a gift, and there’s so much in life to be thankful for. Take the time to acknowledge the positives on even the most stressful of days, and spend less energy on the things you can’t control. Positive thinking does wonders for your emotional well-being, and it’s an essential part of living a mindful life.

    Where do you find your inspiration, and how do you practice mindfulness each day? Let us know your tried-and-true techniques for mindful living in the comments below.

  • It's Our 30th Anniversary!

    This November, our brand celebrates 30 years of timeless style, global visions, and California dreams... and we’re throwing a party for our big 3-0!

    Join us as we commemorate three decades of inspiration, exotic detailing, artisan craftsmanship and bold style. In honor of reaching this significant milestone, we’re holding an in-store party on Thursday, November 2nd to help us show our appreciation to the people we owe it all to: you! For one day only, enjoy 20% off purchases under $300 or 30% off purchases of $300 inside your local Johnny Was store.

    Just like the universal appeal of a great song, Johnny Was is about clothes that cross cultures and defy trends. We create apparel and accessories that embrace a California lifestyle but speak to a global vision, and we think the gorgeous details in life are what make it beautiful. That’s why our designs are crafted with the most exquisite embroidery, luxurious fabrics, and effortless silhouettes; a juxtaposition between vintage and modern that’s uniquely timeless and always alluring.

    We invite you to celebrate our 30th anniversary on November 2nd in-stores, and let us thank you for making Johnny Was what it is today with exclusive savings, sweet treats, and fun festivities.

    Cheers to 30 years!

    The Johnny Was Team

  • How to Get Through the Holiday Season (With Your Sanity)

    As magical as the holidays are, with friends and loved ones coming together, it’s also a time of stress and never-ending to-do lists. Recently, Johnny Was had the honor of co-hosting a wellness event at The Lotus Feed, a retreat center in Sonoma County, California, alongside Amy Cox, creator of Omstead, an organization that helps to organize community building experiences that incorporate nutrition, well-being, and mindfulness. For a long weekend, we got to experience the beauty of being around smart women, early morning yoga classes and how to treat ourselves with love and respect, as well as the importance of being present in our day-to-day (see these pics for a visual diary of our stay). Since Amy is a beacon of positivity, we also asked her for tips on how to stay mindful during the holiday season.

    A great example of thoughtful gifting? Each woman at the retreat was asked to pick out a JW silk scarf that resonated with them.

    1). Get in the spirit of lists: Instead of a last minute dash to the mall for gifts, start now by making a thorough list. Write out the names of those you want to acknowledge during the holidays, then next to each person, write down what you think makes them unique—whether it’s their listening skills, sense of humor or homemade muffins—figuring out what you really appreciate about someone can make gift buying easier.

    Omstead founder Amy Cox, is all about seed-to-table conscious consuming.

    2). Don’t sweat the cookie tray: There’s nothing wrong with indulging a little at the holidays—it’s par for the course. Try and change your inner dialogue so instead of saying, “I can’t believe I drank eggnog because it’s so rich and now my pants won’t fit!”, try the conscious route with, “So happy I tried the eggnog because I know it’s Joe’s special family recipe. It did remind me that I don’t feel the best when I consume dairy so let’s just re-energize with some water.” As with everything, if you just stay present in the moment and appreciate the experience, you won’t feel so much guilt.

    Our bounty over the weekend. “Good nutrition isn’t about depriving yourself,” says Cox.

    3). Make room for those that matter most: It’s easy to feel bogged down by social obligations at the holidays. We can get caught up in a fear of pleasing others and do what seems “right”. If you feel overwhelmed by events, remember there are a ton of ways to reach out. Perhaps you can’t make your boss’ holiday party but could take them out for coffee or drop off a small gift? If sending holiday cards to someone special feels impersonal, you can always reach out with a call, or even a heartfelt text can be appropriate.

    Catherine Nation (left) and Theresa McAllen (right), both from Johnny Was, start the day with a morning, me-time meditation.

    4): Schedule in some me time: It’s easy to overlook our own needs but if you want to scoot through the holidays with your sanity intact, make it a priority. It’s perfectly fine to say, “thanks so much for the invite to your party, but I have a prior engagement.” No one needs to know that your engagement is with your bathtub and a good book. Or, if your weekly yoga class is one of the big stress relievers in your life, it’s worth keeping it on your schedule.

    Take some time for yourself to recharge, refocus and do something you love.

    “The bottom line is if you let yourself get quiet, and try to make a decision from your heart instead of with your head, you’ll end up taking care of yourself and others in the process,” says Cox. We are sure that doing so will make your holidays will be joyous.

  • Behind the Makers: Get to Know Designer Theresa McAllen

    Each month our team of visionaries delivers inspired collections with everything from the perfect skinny jean to our signature embroidered tunics. Here, we sat down with Theresa McAllen, head designer for 3J Workshop and JWLA, to discuss her design style, inspirations and whose closet she'd like to raid.

    JW: When did you first realize you wanted to become a fashion designer?

    TM: Well, I began sewing at age nine but my first “Theresa” design (without a Vogue pattern) was at age 14—I cut a halter dress out of my white cotton bed sheet, sewed it free-hand, and proceeded for two weeks to hand-embroider the entire piece with landscapes, palm trees, sunrises, bees, flowers and peace signs. When I wore it to high school, all my friends wanted one!

    JW: As one of the head designers for Johnny Was, you’re obviously a fan of the boho-chic aesthetic. What do you love most about this style?

    TM: Boho for me equals timeless style. I was born and raised in Los Angeles, and I think those of us who grew up in LA are drawn to a laid-back, wanderlust lifestyle— a little hippie, a little adventurer, a little free spirit, a little rebellious.

    JW: Tell us about your creative process. What does a typical day look like for you?

    TM:  We work a little differently than other fashion companies in that art is our main focus so there’s a very talented team of graphic designers working for months at a time on our  embroideries—they have a hand stitched look which is always inspired by different cultures and handicrafts. For each new collection, I study our best sellers, and then sit down with my team to brainstorm. I love color and mixing unique combos to create an unexpected outcome.

    JW: What’s the main source of your inspiration?

    TM: Travel. Without a doubt. Seeing different parts of the world is truly inspiring, and also a common thread throughout all our collections. Some of my recent trips have been to Tulum, Mexico and Begur in Spain.  I was recently in New York for the opening of our Johnny Was Columbus Street store. While there, I went to check out Bergdorf Goodman and took a photo of their windows which said, “TRAVEL is our favorite COLOR!”  Travel is our favorite color, and what makes our collections, and I believe our pieces so unique.

    JW: How would you describe your personal style?

    TM: The question I ask myself when getting dressed is, "Is it chic?" I’m drawn to color and craftsmanship, so I would say my style is sophisticated with a twist. I like unexpected combinations, mixing high-end designers with some elevated basics, and of course, I wear Johnny Was, especially our outerwear pieces since I’m a big fan of layering.

    Most of us don’t really need much today, we have it all, but we seem to gravitate toward those pieces that speak to our personal style, pieces that bring us joy.

    JW: What fashion trends do you hope to see emerge in the coming years?

    TM: At Johnny Was we see the future moving into sustainable, eco fashion. It’s a big concern for our customers and the world at large. We recently launched a sustainable, locally sourced collection called “Calme” -- it’s more basics with a twist, and the calm in the midst of our eclectic embroideries and patterns. It launched in fall 2017, and so far, it’s been a huge hit!

    JW: If you could swap closets with one person in the world, who would you choose and why?

    TM: Victoria Beckham! I’m a petite woman like she is, and I feel she dresses for herself and perfectly epitomizes self-expression teamed with an undeniable chic.

    JW: What advice would you offer fashion design hopefuls who wish to follow in your footsteps?

    TM: Find your joy and your passion, travel and expand your world, focus on pattern-making and draping to develop your craft, believe in yourself and never, ever, ever give up!

  • October Exclusive: Shop For A Cause At Johnny Was

    The stats are pretty sobering. Approximately one in eight women will develop invasive breast cancer at some point in her lifetime, and it’s estimated that 252,710 new cases will be diagnosed among American women in 2017 alone. However, like so many diseases, early detection and increased awareness are key to positive treatment outcomes -- and at Johnny Was we’re dedicated to doing our part to find a cure. Throughout the month of October, we’re proud to support breast cancer survivors and their loved ones by offering a commemorative Pink Baja Shirt throughout October as part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Even better, we’re donating 20% of the shirt’s sales to one of our favorite charities: Making Strides Against Breast Cancer of Los Angeles.

    The Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walks serve as both celebrations of survivors and opportunities to remember loved ones lost. Each year, in an effort to increase awareness, Making Strides raises funds and ultimately save lives. Each event consists of a noncompetitive 3 to 5 mile walk that unites those who have been touched by breast cancer, and money raised is used to fund innovative research, improve support services, boost early detection, as well as provide tons of vital free information.

    Where will your contributions go? Well, the American Cancer Society has played a critical role in several breast cancer breakthroughs, including funding the drugs Tamoxifen and Herceptin. The money raised from 2017’s Making Strides event could potentially help develop the next generation of lifesaving medical advancements -- and that means you could directly contribute to the next major breakthrough in breast cancer treatment. All you have to do is sign up and dig out your sneakers. Hopefully we’ll see you there!

    Join the fight against breast cancer today. Visit www.johnnywas.com/shop-for-a-cause for more information.




  • Behind the Makers: The Johnny Was Shoe Collection

    You may be wondering what took us so long. We’ve been designing the most beautiful embroideries, bespoke kimonos and ready-to-wear collections since the mid 80’s, and it’s only recently that we’ve dipped our toe into shoes (pun intended). Here, we quiz Angela Avanesyan, designer for the Johnny Was Collection, about what it takes to make a shoe from heel-to-toe.

    JW: What inspired you to design shoes?

    AA: Well, it seemed like a great extension of the line, and would also pair beautifully with our clothing. Also, senior designers Biya Ramar and Amy Valentine, had found these amazingly comfortable shoes from Spain and thought they’d be perfect for us to embellish—we have a company there that we often work with, they’re really experienced in working with natural fibers like jute which is how the espadrille became our first shoe. The goal was to create something that was simple in design, comfortable, and that everyone would want to wear, while still being as striking as our clothing.

    JW: Tell us about the design process?

    AA: Biya and Amy will give me a shoe, a classic style, and then we’ll totally take it to the next level. Since I work with a lot of our embroidered blouses, I’ll take a few and literally chop them up and lay the embroidery over the shoe—the design on our Retro Metallic Bootie is actually the sleeve of one of our blouses. Next, maybe Biya will say that she loves a print we just designed so then we’ll take a piece of that and keep playing with all the components until we get something amazing. It’s like doing a puzzle.

    JW: Are all the shoes made in Spain?

    AA: Yes, I’ll then send over our sample shoe, as well as computer files and color swatches. If the embroidery design is from a piece of clothing I’ll send that as well since all Johnny Was designs have a very specific stitch technique; we like all of our pieces to look as if they were hand embroidered and that’s trickier to achieve. When we get the sample back sometimes we’ll have some changes so the whole design process takes about three weeks

    JW: What’s your favorite style?

    AA: I love the Metallic Retro Boots! I know it’s a little odd since I work for Johnny Was but I wear a lot of blacks and these boots look great with a white tee and dark jeans. The new loafer slip-on is also amazing, we added some really great details like cushioning at the back of the heel which makes them super comfortable. We want to do something new and different every season. 

    View our full collection of shoes here.

  • Johnny Was Guide To New Season Chic

    Autumn is finally upon us, which means it’s time to indulge in pumpkin spice and everything nice (especially new fall clothes). In honor of sweater weather, we’re offering up a seasonal guide on how to layer our luxe textures, bold hues and eye-catching prints like a pro.

    Mix and Match: Your Essential Guide to Fall Layering

    #1: Make a Statement

    Every outfit you wear is an opportunity to tell your story, so make sure it’s a good read.  Choose a statement piece that’s unapologetically you, and create visual harmony with the help of neutral, earthy hues. Whether you love fall’s moody petals or prefer the free-spirited look of patchwork prints, these dynamic pieces allow you to showcase your personal sense of style. Unite a floral-print hoodie and embroidered joggers with the help of a basic tee, or give your 9-to-5 trousers an unexpected promotion with a silk blouse tucked beneath a velvety wrap.

    #2: Striking Silhouettes

    Use textured layers to craft a sublime silhouette, whether you want to evoke dreamy days on the beach or chic city nights. The art of layering comes down to finding the right blend of balance and contrast. Pair a tiered boho dress with a bomber jacket for an alluring presentation, or soften ‘70s-inspired flare jeans with a beautifully draped A-line top. Cropped jumpsuits update modern favorites with retro influence, while fluffy faux fur linings, faux suede and wool elevate lightweight basics with ease.

    #3: Dream in Denim 

    Seasons may change, but denim is your constant companion. Jeans add gravitas to airy tunics or an understated edge to colorful, embroidered tops. From high-rise dark washes that make your stems look miles long to relaxed denim silhouettes that are borrowed from the boys, these designs are inherently chic and eternally cool. Layer your dark floral prints with black jeans for a flattering fall uniform, or cuff a slim-fitting design to show off our signature red binding on the inner seams.

    #4: Color Connection

    A subtle color theme can make two boldly different designs feel like a match made in heaven, so play around with your favorite fall hues. Weave a single color throughout your mixed prints to cultivate balance, or enhance a monochromatic look with an eclectic blend of textures like eyelet, fringe and cotton crochet.

    #5: The Little Things

    The right accessories can instantly transform your look and transition your wardrobe from summer to fall. Opulent jewelry lends a bold finishing touch that’s uniquely you, while an artisanal handbag enriches every journey. Create tonal contrast with an opulent silk scarf trimmed in braided tassels, or add a little flower power to an everyday ensemble with the help of patterned ankle boots or loafers.

    Ready to pile on the style? Browse our September catalog for plenty of fall layering inspiration. 

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