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The Invita Blouse is an inviting top to have hanging in your closet. It features drop sleeves that add a relaxed "cool chick" vibe to a semistructured top. The neckline is accentuated with a thin collar, and meets in the middle with a front button-down closure. The hemline is a hi-low design that also features a mini side slit. The overall pattern is a mod podge of floral, tapestry and blue plaid. The patterns include a tropical floral, a floral of deep reds and blues on a black background, blue and black stripes, and sections of mini tapestries with borders and a central design. The whole top comes together in an unexpected cohesive design. It is a versatile and eye-catching piece with its simple silhouette structure and complex mix of colors and patterns.

Product Information:

• 100% Silk
• Drop sleeve button-down blouse
• Care Instructions: Hand wash in cold water with gentle detergent, dry on gentle cycle