Need a reason to slow down and take some time for yourself? Well, seize the day because every day should be a celebration of self-care. That doesn’t always happen so we asked wellness expert Kelsea Mazzocco, owner of Go Inward, a community wellness studio in Long Beach, California, for her top three tips on carving out some chill time in your day.

Learn to Breathe: “Breathwork is the most amazing thing and in as little as three minutes you can totally change yourself,” says Kelsea, who also teaches Kundalini yoga. “It can unplug your brain, as well as create some energy if you do it first thing in the morning.” And it couldn’t be easier: to quell anxiety practice left nostril breathing by just sealing off your right nostril with your thumb. Breathe mindfully in and out through your left nostril for 3 minutes. “This helps calm your system whereas if you need to feel energized do right nostril breathing instead.”

Master a Mantra: “I’m a huge fan of a mantra, our voice is a live instrument and if you start the day with three minutes of breathing and then three minutes of saying a mantra, you’ll feel better,” says Kelsea. She suggests repeating Sat Nam (which means ‘I am the truth, the truth is my name’) or the word ‘har’ over and over, which is a prosperity mantra. Think of a mantra as drowning out the negative voices in your brain, creating some extra space for positive thoughts.

Set an Intention: “Commit to something whether it’s walking, running, swimming or even dancing,” suggests Kelsea. “Life is chaotic so try a bunch of different meditations and choose one that works for you.” Set an intention to do it for a month and see how you feel at the end. She also suggests logging online to see all the different meditation or yoga classes which are easy to follow and do. “Oprah and Deepak Chopra do a fantastic online 21-day meditation course and it’s free. Commit to it.”

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