Celebrating National Women's Month 

This Sunday is International Women’s Day and this month is National Women's Month. To celebrate women’s achievements, raise awareness against bias and take action towards equality. At Johnny Was we think every day is women’s day. We are women designing clothes for women. We celebrate everyone’s unique personal style, size and personality. We believe that while a piece of clothing can’t change the world, it can change the woman who wears it.

To celebrate National Women's Month our way, we’ve decided to profile two of our treasured Johnny Was clients. Just like family, these women started as customers who walked into one of our stores and turned into friends. 

First is Nikki Young Lebow. She lives in Los Angeles and has been a Johnny Was fan from the beginning, so much so that when we first opened out Santa Monica store, we asked her to work for us. “I live in Johnny Was, I have so many pieces, some of them for over twenty years, and I love being in the store and helping women put together a look,” she says. Her other passion project is Miriam’s House, a house where women who are on the brink of losing their families, get to live with their children while learning necessary life skills and training to get jobs, an education and independent housing. 

“I first became aware of Miriam’s House when my sister was living there with my nephew and I just loved how they create a safe, stable environment of love and support for these women and their children,” she says. She’s now on the board and spends a lot of her time fund raising and planning events like their Annual Mother’s Day brunch. “Seeing these women grow and succeed is such a gift. Recently, I was in line at CVS and saw a recent alumni working behind the counter. It made me so happy to see her and vice versa. I feel like it’s such a blessing to be able to help these women have full and successful lives.”

On the east coast we celebrate Kat Sullivan, a registered nurse and child safety advocate who helped pass the New York Child Victims Act, spurred on by her own childhood trauma. She’s an advocate for children’s rights and her story has been featured in the New York Times and the Boston Globe. 

Throughout her career--and when she’s not in scrubs--she’s in Johnny Was. “I feel like Johnny Was brings rainbows to my closet,” she laughs recalling the first time, three years ago, when she stepped into our Madison Avenue store and met area manager Maggee Villanueva, and the two have formed a firm friendship. “I advocated for the NY Child Victims Act dressed in Johnny Was hummingbirds and flowers and was draped in a silk kimono the day the CVA became law. I defend goodness and am always dressed in the beauty, elegance and softness of Johnny Was.” 

And so it is. Happy National Women's Month to all of you and here is also a sampling of some of our other beautiful JW women (tag us on IG with #johnnywashere and we’ll include you). Thank you always for your spirit, your support and we celebrate your grace and gratitude when it comes to making a difference for other women in your world. We support you all.