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There’s few things more fun than injecting your closet with some fresh style, but often times that means clearing out old pieces before you have hanger space to bring in the new. “This is a great time of year to clear out your closet,” says Gina Harth, owner of Clear and Sage a professional organizing business in Los Angeles. “I usually find closet cleaning only takes a couple of hours but I truly believe that de-cluttering your space helps to de-clutter your mind.” Here are her tips for spring cleaning your clothing and accessories.

Clothes Call

“I find that the easiest way to go through your closet is category by category. Start with your t-shirts and move onto tanks, blouses, sweaters and finally bottoms like jeans or trousers. Pick up each piece and see what type of condition it’s in, if it fits you, and if you actually like it,” says Harth. Most women don’t need more than one drawer for bras—black, white, nude and some fancy ones—as well as underwear. Finally, take a spin through your shoes and see if there are any that need to be repaired or just given away.

Give it Away

If you have great designer pieces, there are always resale shops, but Harth suggests just donating to a charity store like Goodwill. “I started keeping a bin in our garage and everyone in my family has learned to just drop things in there that they don’t use anymore,” she says. “When the bin is full I donate it.” Tip: to avoid added clutter, keep your donation pile somewhere you don’t see it. Some of our favorite charitable spots are Donate Your Bra which accepts all forms of lingerie and swimwear and forwards them to women’s shelters, breast cancer survivor support groups and charities all year round. Also, Schoola lets you ship gently used adult and children’s clothing, resells it on their website, and donates proceeds to different educational programs.

Get Organized

A trick to staying organized once you’ve cleared the clutter is getting some smart storage solutions. For clothing, get sturdy wood hangers for coats and jackets, whereas lighter pieces can slip onto slimmer, plastic ones. Harth also suggests to her clients that they get the Women’s Drop Front Shoe Box from the Container Store to stack shoes. “These bins open from the front so everything is easy to get to as well as to see,” she says. Another tip is to look at your plain walls as an excellent source of storage, just put up some hooks and hang anything from necklaces to hats and belts.

“Finally, when you’re done sorting and cleaning, I always love to do a good space cleansing by burning some sage to release any stagnant energy,” says Harth. We couldn’t think of a better way to welcome in a new season!