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Bye 2018, Hello 2019

Instead of jotting down tons of maybe-we-will resolutions, for the end of 2018 we’ve decided to look back with gratitude and forward to 2019 with an expectation (without making too...
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  1. Holiday Cocktail Time

      If you’ve invited friends and family over for a little holiday cheer, why not serve them a seasonal cocktail that is brimming with festive flavor? “For me, the colder...
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  2. Stress-Free Holiday Style

    Between work parties, family gatherings and cocktail soirees, this time of year can feel like one big “what am I going to wear” session staring into your closet. To streamline...
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  3. The True Spirit of Giving

    While the holidays are a time for coming together and celebration, it’s also a time to give and be of service to those less fortunate. As the Reverend Martin Luther...
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  4. Something For Everybody On Your List

    v  Are you counting down the shopping days? We are. If you’re still puzzled by a few people on your list, we’re here to narrow it down with everything from...
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  5. Black Friday Made Easy

    It’s Thanksgiving weekend and that means two things: endless festivities and sweet treats from now until New Year’s Eve, and it’s time to get serious about holiday shopping. The good...
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  6. Holiday Chic Johnny Was Style

    Everyone’s version of “home for the holidays” is slightly different. For some, it’s a winter wonderland with snowfall and roasting chestnuts, and for others, like all of us in Southern...
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  7. Take a seat at our holiday tables

    (Melissa in the Vivian Bomber Jacket) We love to decorate our homes at the holidays but the one place we sometimes need a little nudge to get inspired is with...
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  8. Current Design Crush: Macramé

    (Photo was taken by, Matt Steindl) When it comes to interior design, we love anything bohemian, textural and handmade. Macramé, the knotty trend that was everywhere in the seventies is...
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  9. Designer Spotlight: Jewelry designer Joseph Brooks

    This fall we brought in a beautiful collection of jewelry by LA-based designer Joseph Brooks. Using ancient crystals that are hand knotted on cord or silver chain, these pieces manage...
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