Our Newport Beach manager, Luana, hails from the sunny beaches of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil but moved to the US 13 years ago to pursue her passions for fashion and interior design. We caught up with this bohemian beauty to discuss her journey, personal fashion philosophy, and love for all things Johnny Was.
"My husband and I moved to LA two and a half years ago. That's when my love story with Johnny Was began! I started at The Grove as a stylist and was very blessed to have the opportunity to grow with the company soon after when we opened the Orange County location. Now I am the manager at Fashion Island, Newport Beach and very very happy! I love my clients; some of them have turned in to dear friends. I love my team and coming to work for me is another happy day in my life!!
My personal style is influenced by my travels - eclectic and global inspired! I love color, prints, and lots of jewelry! "
Palm Springs Bohemian Style

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"I was just in Palm Springs for a relaxing spa day, so I wore my Johnny Was soft silk flowy maxi skirt. Nothing better to feel comfy but look great at the same time! I love this skirt so much, and I get a lot of compliments anywhere I wear it, especially when I'm traveling. Can't get enough of it!

The wallet I'm holding in my hands is the solid black Hinga wallet. It's a great wallet, I can fit everything in it - cellphone, car keys, etc. The only way I'd ever change wallets again is if it was for another color of this wallet! I would recommend the Hinga wallet as a gift, too - they come in basic/solid leather or embroidered, so it just depends on their style."

Leather Embroidered Zip Wallet

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"These are two mannequin looks that I styled. I would totally rock these outfits in the streets, too! I love colors like any other good Johnny Was gal!"
Boho Chic Style Mannequin

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Colorful Styled Mannequin Outfit

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"Everyone that knows me, knows the party I have going on my wrists and fingers! I'm so addicted to our jewelry! I feel very naked without it… it doesn't matter what I'm wearing, I  have to have my arm party going!!"
Bohemian Jewelry Arm Candy

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"I wanted to share my living room - I have a Prissy scarf draped over my couch to add a bohemian touch to my home, reflecting my gypsy spirit! I love our scarves not just to add color and print to my outfits, but also my environment! I have a passion for interior design as well as fashion."

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Visit Luana at our Newport Beach store at Fashion Island and let her help you style your boho-chic look!

Johnny Was Fashion Island

903 Newport Center Drive

Newport Beach, CA 92660

Phone: (9949) 219 - 0557