Autumn is finally upon us, which means it’s time to indulge in pumpkin spice and everything nice (especially new fall clothes). In honor of sweater weather, we’re offering up a seasonal guide on how to layer our luxe textures, bold hues and eye-catching prints like a pro.

Mix and Match: Your Essential Guide to Fall Layering

#1: Make a Statement

Every outfit you wear is an opportunity to tell your story, so make sure it’s a good read.  Choose a statement piece that’s unapologetically you, and create visual harmony with the help of neutral, earthy hues. Whether you love fall’s moody petals or prefer the free-spirited look of patchwork prints, these dynamic pieces allow you to showcase your personal sense of style. Unite a floral-print hoodie and embroidered joggers with the help of a basic tee, or give your 9-to-5 trousers an unexpected promotion with a silk blouse tucked beneath a velvety wrap.

#2: Striking Silhouettes

Use textured layers to craft a sublime silhouette, whether you want to evoke dreamy days on the beach or chic city nights. The art of layering comes down to finding the right blend of balance and contrast. Pair a tiered boho dress with a bomber jacket for an alluring presentation, or soften ‘70s-inspired flare jeans with a beautifully draped A-line top. Cropped jumpsuits update modern favorites with retro influence, while fluffy faux fur linings, faux suede and wool elevate lightweight basics with ease.

#3: Dream in Denim 

Seasons may change, but denim is your constant companion. Jeans add gravitas to airy tunics or an understated edge to colorful, embroidered tops. From high-rise dark washes that make your stems look miles long to relaxed denim silhouettes that are borrowed from the boys, these designs are inherently chic and eternally cool. Layer your dark floral prints with black jeans for a flattering fall uniform, or cuff a slim-fitting design to show off our signature red binding on the inner seams.

#4: Color Connection

A subtle color theme can make two boldly different designs feel like a match made in heaven, so play around with your favorite fall hues. Weave a single color throughout your mixed prints to cultivate balance, or enhance a monochromatic look with an eclectic blend of textures like eyelet, fringe and cotton crochet.

#5: The Little Things

The right accessories can instantly transform your look and transition your wardrobe from summer to fall. Opulent jewelry lends a bold finishing touch that’s uniquely you, while an artisanal handbag enriches every journey. Create tonal contrast with an opulent silk scarf trimmed in braided tassels, or add a little flower power to an everyday ensemble with the help of patterned ankle boots or loafers.

Ready to pile on the style? Browse our September catalog for plenty of fall layering inspiration.