When we started looking around for an inspiring jewelry collaborator, we didn’t have to look far; just a few miles west to Venice Beach where Logan Hollowell creates some of the most covetable and wearable pieces we’ve ever seen. “I’d been asked to do collaborations before, but it hasn’t felt right,” says the designer who grew up in North Carolina, but arrived in LA a few years ago to pursue a career in fashion. “I was looking for a brand that has the same core values and beliefs and Johnny Was encapsulates that.” Here’s a sneak peek at some of her favorite pieces, her inspiration and how to layer jewelry to exemplify your own personal style.

JW: What made Johnny Was the right fit for a jewelry collaboration?
LH: There’s a timeless quality to the Johnny Was aesthetic that resonates with me, and it’s a collection that is loved by a wide age group. It’s bursting with creativity, as well as being inspiring to a free-spirited woman who likes to travel and definitely isn’t afraid of color. Personally, I’m a big fan of colorful clothes—so many women in fashion only wear black—and I’ve actually had people come up to me in the past and comment on how refreshing it is to see a woman wearing something bold.

JW: How did you get inspired for this collaboration?
LH: I’m never short of ideas, I have books and books of sketches and concepts. I also created a mood board of Johnny Was clothing, inspiring quotes, symbols, and things that I think represent the brand. I set out to design a really solid mix of pieces, something for every price point and taste. There’s some 18K gold vermeil that starts at $100, and there are solid 14K gold pieces that cap out at $2450. I also love to use stones and gems because they have grounding and healing qualities—diamonds are my favorite because they are unbreakable and make the wearer feel protected.

JW: What’s your favorite piece from the Logan X Johnny Was collection?
LH: I love the snake ring and cuff. Not only is it a great fluid shape, but snakes have for centuries symbolized fertility and birth, but not always in the traditional sense of having children. For me, it’s about creative fertility, and having an abundance of thoughts and ideas. To make these pieces feel extra luxe, I added some tiny diamonds as well.

JW: Are there any tips for buying or wearing jewelry?
LH: I don’t really have any hard and fast rules, just buy what you love. For necklaces, I like the layered look, so a couple of different pieces of varying lengths. If you are someone who wears your hair up a lot, try earrings as a signature piece. Personally, I always wear a lot of rings because I think they are the ultimate statement piece and everybody sees them. Most of us use our hands a lot when we gesture so it’s a great way to show off your personal style.

JW: How much jewelry do you personally wear on a daily basis?
LH: Oh jeez, lots. Let’s just say that when I go and get a massage it takes me about 5 minutes to remove all my jewelry before I lie down on the table!

Discover the entire collection here.