Chances are some of the things you love most about Johnny Was are our bold color choices, eye-catching embroidery details and custom prints. So, when the season’s trends turn to clashing prints and unexpected color combinations, there’s no better collection to help you do the clash than Johnny Was. “Creating an outfit with contrasting prints and patterns is a great way to take a piece of clothing and make it uniquely your own, as well as really showing off your personal style,” says Maritza Arrua, our Style Director, and creator of the cool looks you see here. Here’s her tips for clashing with chic and ease.

1). Let one print dominate: If you are wearing a bold, floral top, clash it with another print that is smaller in scale, say a polka dot, or an even smaller print floral. That way there’s a great miss-match but it’s not confusing for the eye.

2). Keep your fabrics in the same color family: If you want to team a floral with an animal print and also mix in a plaid, go right ahead, but try to stick with three complimentary hues for all the prints. For example, in the outfit Arrua created with the animal print jacket and skirt, all the pieces fall into the black, brown and cream family, so the overall effect is unexpected but still pulled together.

3). Pick two different prints that share the same color: Go crazy with odd pairings of prints, but keep the background color the same. “I put the embroidered tunic underneath that cozy, draped cardigan and it works because both pieces feature a lot of grey,” adds Arrua.

4). Stripes and plaids are a neutral: Sounds crazy but it’s true, pair your traditional button-up top with a floral maxi skirt or printed pant and you’ll see.

5). Play with texture: Team one of our embroidered tees underneath a loose cardigan and they’ll work because the pattern is similar but the texture of a soft, flat woven teamed with a chunky knit makes it interesting.

6). Mix solids and prints in a new way: Try mixing one of our single-hued tonal embroidery tops, with a bold embroidered skirt or pants or underneath a colorful jacket. Both pieces feature ornate stitchwork but one is more solid colored than the other so the end result is a great complimentary clash. “The main rule is to have fun with it, if something makes you feel good, it probably also looks good,” adds Arrua.