(From left to right)
-Cropped Skinny Jean
-Blossom Boyfriend Jean
-Skinny Jean
-Boyfriend Jean

Regardless of personal style, everyone (and we mean everyone) has at least a few pairs of jeans in their closet. For summer, our denim designer, Christy Whitley, flexed some serious creative energy and came out with a few fresh silhouettes, as well as adding some of our signature, stunning embellishments. “Designing great denim is trickier than people think because it really has to have the perfect fit and feel,” says Christy. “It takes months of getting all my friends and the Johnny Was team to try them on until I’ve designed the perfect pair.”
The two new designs are the Cropped Skinny Jean and embroidered Blossom Boyfriend Jean. “They were inspired by all of the women I know and what they love. Everyone loves a relaxed look,” she adds. Both styles have a little stretch--courtesy of Tencel--which is fiber obtained from wood pulp, and adds a softness to the denim, as well as helping it to bounce back into shape, so you avoid baggy knees and stretched out waistbands.

(Mica Boyfriend Short)

When it comes to embellishments, take your pick. “The designs we chose for summer were from some of our customer’s favorites. We just reworked them a little for jeans,” adds Christy. If you love the look of casual shorts, try the Mica Boyfriend Short, with its raw edge hemline and embroidery or roses and violets. Also, no closet is complete without your favorite denim jacket, the Blossom Cali Jacket is perfect for any occasion and it's embroidered details will always stand out in a crowd. For traditional jeans with our twist, there’s the Blossom Boyfriend Jean with blooms on each leg. For something more streamlined, try the Frey, a more fitted silhouette, that has a staggered, frayed hemline and hits above the ankle. Cuff it for a sleeker look and remember that with time, and a couple of washes these will get a cool distressed—it’s part of their charm and appeal.

(Mica Boyfriend Short)
(Blossom Boyfriend Jean)

(Blossom Cali Jacket)

While we’re on the subject of washing, most of us launder our denim more than it wants. If you want to retain the original shade, just drop them in your bathtub with a teaspoon of mild detergent, let them soak for half an hour and rinse. Finally, always let your denim dry naturally, dryer heat can compromise the stretch in the fabric.

(Blossom Boyfriend Jean)

(Cropped Skinny)

So, with summer right around the corner (hello June 21), and vacations on the calendar, we suggest revisiting denim. We took all the new styles on our trip Down Under for our Summer Catalog and they were in heavy rotation on the models and us. “Aside from the timeless look, denim is just the easiest thing to wear,” says Christy. And nothing sums up summer style better than that.