We’re introducing our 2nd collaboration with Malibu-based designer, Amanda Bond. Learn how she’s channeled her beautiful tie-dye vision for Johnny Was!

How did you learn to tie dye?

I have worked in the fashion and textile industry for over 15 years but I really started to love tie dye when I worked with interior designer, Kelly Wearstler. I became so passionate about hand dying. Collaborating with Kelly each season, I ended up working closely with local dye houses in Los Angeles on various techniques and processes and was so inspired that I created a dye lab at home and started to experiment.

How did you approach the collaboration with Johnny Was?

This collection was created in the midst of the pandemic so I did a lot of research on places I wanted to travel once the covid crisis was over. My husband has always wanted to go to Japan so while I was researching I came across a lot of information on Japanese art and dying, with Shibori being one of them. I went down a rabbit hole with all the different ways to do Shibori and it’s a highlight of the collection.

What’s your favorite piece?

The Alexis Dress is my favorite. It's charming, feminine and the fit is very flattering. The dye is a beautiful indigo blue Ne Maki Shibori. The Madison Short Sleeve Tee Top is also great and super versatile. I love this Yanagi Shibori because the print is bold and sophisticated. I like to wear it with a pair of black or blue jeans.

If someone wanted to try doing their own tie-dye, how hard is it?

I feel like I get better each time I do it, but I’m still learning. Anyone can go and get some RIT dye from your local grocery or drug store, some rubber bands, a couple of big buckets and some soda ash (binds the dye to the fabric) and play! There are some incredible tutorials on line for all sorts of DIY tie dyes. That’s how I got started and we’re also sharing this video here so you can get an idea of how we created the Johnny Was collection.

These pieces also style perfectly with our Calmé Collection, is sustainability an important factor to you?

Absolutely! All fabrics and garments are ethically sourced and sustainably made. Both the fabrics and the garments are all made-to-order so there is no waste and we use no chemicals when it comes to our fabric production. All manufacturing is done locally by talented artisans in Los Angeles, who are paid premium wages, and all garments are hand-dyed right here with vegetable dyes, as well as other non-toxic dyes.

What’s your favorite part about hand dying?

The irregularities are what make each piece unique. You’re never 100% sure how it’s going to turn out so each piece is always one-of-a-kind.

To see the whole Amanda Bond Collection, head over here.