Our scarves bring the magic. Whether they function as a powerful personal accessory or as a beautiful piece of art, Johnny Was scarves are silk gems, filled with the ability to transform the ordinary.

We release a new scarf design each week to add fresh dimension to your style. In fact, our growing collection of scarves can only be matched by the ways we’ve invented to work them into our everyday wardrobe rotations.

To add just the perfect touch of casual glamour, we love to loosely tie our signature silks around a pony tail. One knot and long layers instantly take everything to a boho chic level. Add a white tee and a pair of Johnny Was Blues and the outfit is complete! (Image by Reuben Reynoso)

If you're looking to update the look of denim, a scarf belt is a great way to go. Laced through the loops and knotted on the side adds a modern trendy touch! (Image by Reuben Reynoso)

Accessories flatter accessories when tied onto a bag handle.   You can instantly change the look of a tote by this one addition. This is perfect for anywhere from work to the beach! (Image by Reuben Reynoso)

A simple, classic style, tied around the neck, not only adds a pop of color near your face, it also brings the accessory front and center. The way we’ve shown here also shows off our tassles—a little touch we add to every scarf to stamp the Johnny Was Signature look. Filled with colors and prints for days, neck scarves deliver the perfect touch of class and polish when tied this way. (Image by Reuben Reynoso)

When you visit our retail locations, you’ll also see the scarves framed, hung or displayed another creative way throughout our space. At each one of our photo shoots, we also style the scarves as flags. We feel they are a symbol of our style and individuality as a brand.

What is the best way you’ve found to style our scarves? Send us an email at social@johnnywas.com and we will feature the best one on our IG