Country Star Emmylou Harris


She’s a fan of ours and the feeling is most certainly mutual. Recently awarded the Grammy Lifetime Achievement award after a career that has spanned 40 years, as well the Billboard Century Award, Emmylou Harris is nothing short of a legend; definitely one of the most admired and influential women in the music industry today. To celebrate her enduring talent, style, as well as her long-time animal rescue Bonaparte’s Retreat, which she set up in her hometown of Nashville, we couldn’t think of anyone more fitting to showcase our new Fall Collection.

Our team flew down to Nashville, Tennessee, which is also where Johnny Was has a store in the Mall at Green Hills, for a little celebration of fall, as well as Emmylou and her enduring talent. Here she gives us a little insight into her style, her current rescue pups and what’s next for this fabulous woman of country.

JW: How would you describe your style?
EH: I always have to be comfortable and also want to look feminine. I like to think that's possible, especially wearing Johnny Was. It makes me feel pretty and all the pieces are so timeless.

JW: Do you remember when you first discovered Johnny Was?
It had to be 15-20 years ago, and I think I still have that first piece - it's a silky, loose-fitting, floral dress with a white background. I remember I wore it on stage with white boots. I love all the detail in Johnny Was, the fabrics are washable and travel well. It’s feminine and bohemian and, I guess, there’s a bit of that in me.

JW: What was it like shooting our catalog and did you have any favorite pieces?
EH: Everything I wore on the shoot I wanted for myself! If I had to pick favorites, the velvet dress and duster, as well as the pink sweater. It was a really memorable day - a beautiful spot, the weather was perfect, everyone was professional and, of course, there were dogs!

JW: Let’s talk dogs! We know you're an animal lover and rescue-worker and several of your pups feature in the catalog. How many dogs do you currently have?
EH: Right now, I have 2 smaller dogs, having lost my 2 bigger ones over the last couple of years. Ernie, who belonged to my mother, is a spaniel pomeranian mix, brindle color. My most recent is a puggle, a pug-beagle that I adopted from Crossroads, not sure of her age but she is in her prime. I'm down to just one cat, but am hoping that there will be a special needs animal in my future.

JW: Music is obviously a huge part of your life, who are you currently listening to?
EH: I'm listening to Ry Cooder's new album and am I'm looking forward to Buddy & Julie Miller's new record. Also, The War & Treaty, a couple that have so much soul and are just about to release their first album next month - I urge people to check them out.

JW: Congratulations on your recent Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award. What's next?
EH: Well, I'm currently working on a memoir and I plan to keep touring with the band to continue raising money for Bonaparte's Retreat and other animal rescues. In October, I'll be going out with several other artists on the Lantern Tour, focusing on the separating of families on our southern borders.



We are beyond thrilled to have Emmylou Harris as our Fall catalog star. In honor of her enduring work with her rescue (as well as our own love of all animals) Johnny Was has made a charitable donation to her Nashville rescue, Bonaparte’s Retreat. Thank you Emmylou, our fall collection looks beautiful on you! To see her on tour, go to for her touring schedule and updates.