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One of the seventies most talked about pop and rock icons was Marianne Evelyn Faithful, who had a highly publicized romantic relationship with Rolling Stones’ lead singer, Mick Jagger. Born...
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  1. World Oceans Day!

    As ocean lovers, we know the power of water, energy, and light that it has.  Because the ocean is near and dear to our hearts, we wanted to take a...
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  2. Gypset Travel

    This week we’re inspired by the term “Gypset”.  Gypset Travel by Julia Chaplin defines the term as a new lifestyle that fuses the carefree ethos of a gypsy nomad with...
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  3. Find Your Zen: Our Favorite Yoga Studios!

    Los Angeles: Yoga Works   One of our favorite studios in LA has to be Yoga Works (formerly City Yoga) in the heart of West Hollywood, where our friend Sharon...
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  4. Music Festival Season Must-Have: The Headpiece

    One thing that comes to mind when we hear about an upcoming music festival is great music, long nights filled with dancing and of course headbands of all sorts! Music...
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  5. Our Favorite 70's Icons

    Here at Johnny Was we find ourselves deeply drawn to the lifestyle, fashion and music of the 70s, everything from flowers in the hair to Fleetwood Mac- we're into it...
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  6. Deborah Harry

    Raised in New Jersey by her adoptive parents. Deborah Harry moved to NYC in the late 60’s and worked a number of odd jobs including: secretary at BBC radio and...
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  7. Four Dresses, a Pair of Silk Pants, and a Wedding

    The season of matrimony is upon us and if you are wondering what you should wear to a wedding, it is always great to think outside of the box. Many...
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  8. Nikki DeLoach Wears Johnny Was

    Nikki Deloach's show Awkward on MTV is back for a second season and we are so excited for her. Nikki Deloach was shot on location in Venice,CA for our Johnny...
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