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Just like you, we like to deck our halls (or stores) in the spirit of the holidays and this season we’re highlighting one-of-a-kind details, all things sparkly and planning a...
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  1. Fall’s Top Accessory? It’s In the Bag

        When it comes to accessories—whether it be jewelry, bags or shoes—most of us have a certain sweet spot. For us, it’s all about a great handbag. That’s why...
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  2. Suits that Suit You

    We can all be a bit particular when it comes to choosing a swimsuit. Rightfully so. A bathing suit is the least amount of clothing most of us wear in...
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  3. Spring Beauty Guide

      When it comes to your beauty routine, one of our favorite makeup artists, Alicia Campbell has some pretty simple advice. “Lighten up,” she says. “When the temperatures climb up...
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  4. Our Favorite Things: Johnny Was Bags

    Our Favorite Purse Styles A great bag is the ultimate accessory. It’s the one piece in your closet that you carry daily so it needs to have that perfect combination...
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  5. The Jade Collection: Our Newest Love

    When it came time to create our newest collection, Jade, Senior Designer of Jade, Christy Whitley took inspiration from vintage craftsmanship, precious gemstones and The City of Lights. “I was...
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  6. Black Friday Made Easy

    It’s Thanksgiving weekend and that means two things: endless festivities and sweet treats from now until New Year’s Eve, and it’s time to get serious about holiday shopping. The good...
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  7. Holiday Chic Johnny Was Style

    Everyone’s version of “home for the holidays” is slightly different. For some, it’s a winter wonderland with snowfall and roasting chestnuts, and for others, like all of us in Southern...
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  8. Print Shop: How to Pair and Wear Patterns

    Katina Velvet Bolero and Nixie Blouse When it comes to patterns and embellishments, we are like the classic Carly Simon song–nobody does it better.  Every collection is seasoned with the...
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  9. Living Luxe: It’s all about Velvet for Fall

    The look and feel of velvet continues to capture our hearts and closets this fall—this luxury fabric manages to straddle the line between classic glamour and easy allure; a new...
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