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Angelino Heights

Though mid-century modern and spanish styles of architecture are lovely, my heart belongs to the homes in Angelino Heights, a preserved historic district full of (mostly) restored Queen Anne and...
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  1. Mason Jar Flowers for Weddings

    My BFFTI (Best Friend Forever To Infinity--acronym power), who is also the assistant designer of 4 Love and Liberty, is getting married this August in the Pennsylvania countryside. Part of...
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  2. Laura Jean Anderson Sings "We Don't Belong To Anyone"

    The video you will see in this post was shot at our June photo shoot with Nikki Deloach and the song playing in the background is "We Don't Belong To...
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  3. Join the Johnny Was Photo Inspiration Contest

    "…this is why I love Johnny Was; They are the clothes that inspire moments."  Nikki Deloach of MTV's Awkward.  Our customers inspire us to make clothing worthy of moments. And...
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