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Scarves For A Cure

The first organized event to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer started over thirty years ago and since then October has become synonymous with a pink ribbon and the...
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  1. JW Gets Hand Painted

    All of our Johnny Was stores are one-of-a-kind. Depending on where they are and the vibe of the area, each location has its own unique certain something. But there’s one...
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  2. Greetings from Thailand

      To celebrate summer, we couldn’t think of a better place to shoot our June catalog than Krabi, on Thailand’s west coast.  Only accessible by boat, the whole Johnny Was...
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  3. Suits that Suit You

    We can all be a bit particular when it comes to choosing a swimsuit. Rightfully so. A bathing suit is the least amount of clothing most of us wear in...
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  4. Current Design Crush: Macramé

    (Photo was taken by, Matt Steindl) When it comes to interior design, we love anything bohemian, textural and handmade. Macramé, the knotty trend that was everywhere in the seventies is...
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  5. Pink October: Johnny Was Gives

      When it comes to giving back, October is all about thinking pink.  Since 1985, this month has been synonymous with breast cancer awareness, education and finding a cure for...
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  6. Miki Ash Shows Us How to Love and Live Your Best Life

    Some people just radiate positivity and well-being and Miki Ash is one such woman. Aside from being the creative soul who runs our Instagram account (and pores over all your...
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  7. The Gift of Giving Back

    At some stage in our lives, most of us need a helping hand. Whether it’s a small gesture of generosity and support or something more, all of it can be...
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  8. Love Your Mother Earth

    We think every day should be Earth Day because this beautiful planet is everything—nurturing, rich, inspiring and Mother Earth has pretty much been our ultimate art director for our artisan-inspired...
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  9. Let’s Celebrate! Strong Women That Inspire Us


    While all of us at Johnny Was celebrate women every single day, it’s always good to take some time and...

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