When it comes to skincare, we all want the same thing—a youthful glow. So, when curating the new Johnny Was beauty & wellness collection, we really did our due diligence to find the brands that do what they say, combining Mother Nature’s key ingredients with the best of modern science.


The line that received unanimous raves from all of us was Goldfaden MD. It’s an uncomplicated, yet effective, skincare system created by dermatologist, Dr. Gary Goldfaden. After 40+ years of seeing patients, and seven years of research, Dr. Goldfaden launched his own line using active plant cells and anti-oxidant rich botanicals that truly deliver a natural glow. Consider us converted.

Johnny Was: How did you begin creating Goldfaden MD?

Dr. Goldfaden: I started by identifying the specific problems from my patients, and from there, developing at-home solutions and preventative measures. The most difficult part of the process was keeping the formulas clean without compromising the stability. The first product I developed was Doctors Scrub, our hero. I started mixing various ingredients together in my office until I perfected the formula through patient trials and lab testing, which took a couple of years to get it perfect.


JW: One of the aspects we appreciate the most with your line is your dedication to natural ingredients. Why should people seek those out?

Dr G: Just as we’ve become more aware of what we put in our bodies, and seek out food that’s not processed, and full of pesticides, we should do the same with skincare. Our skin is the largest organ of our body and can absorb up to 60% of what we put on it, so it’s key to stay away from anything harsh or toxic. Naturally-based makeup, skincare and body products that work with skin instead of against it. The integrity and purity in plant and botanically-derived ingredients—the high level of vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, amino acids, antioxidants, enzymes, natural sugars, and more—provides a vital spectrum of benefits (and in most cases, a more potent treatment benefit) for the skin without being compromised by fillers and inactive ingredients like fragrance.


JW: What are the key pillars of a successful skincare routine?

Dr G: Exfoliation (either physical or chemical), cleansing, treatments with specific solutions for your specific needs, and that usually happens with serums or masks, and finally, good hydration. Also, my golden rule is to always wear sunscreen, even on a cloudy day.


JW: How do we know if we need to “switch up” our skincare routine?

Dr G: Some products provide immediate results (this can take form with regard to texture, radiance or hydration), but it’s important to allow 4-6 weeks for your skincare products to deliver full treatment due to your skin cell life cycle, which is approximately 28 days.


However, it is also important to change up your skincare routine seasonally. Skin is a living organ and living things change and evolve all the time, particularly with the change of seasons/weather, so adapt to current climates and switch some of your topical products, like a lighter moisturizer for spring or summer.

JW: What’s your favorite ingredient?

Dr G: That’s a tough one. I feel strongly about Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid like in our Vital Boost moisturizer, but the Ruby Crystals in our Doctors Scrub are truly unique. Small and perfectly round, they offer a safe and effective physical exfoliation. It’s great to keep in the shower and use it on your décolleté and shoulder, as well as your face.


To see the full Goldfaden MD Collection, go here.