The Artisan Collection - in Collaboration With Mela - Shop now. The Artisan Collection by Mela is a handpicked selection of jewelry and home goods that have been artfully crafted and thoughtfully curated by artisans around the world. With a vision to help provide a sustainable global market, Mela forges personal relationships with each and every one of these artists and contributes a portion of their revenue toward health, education, and development projects. We are proud to present this special capsule collection of ancient artistic techniques and truly one-of-a-kind pieces.
Maracas Ring - Make a statement with this exquisite hand-cut piece featuring alluring black hornstone in a chic gold-plated setting. Shop now.
Dune Bowl - Handmade in India, the gorgeous natural edge of the Dune collection is achieved through a unique spinning technique passed down for generations. Shop now.
Sorcery Necklace - With alternating rose quartz and peach & white moonstones, this elegant necklace seems to bewitch with its soft golden hues and glowing gemstones. Shop now.
Gramercy Box - Using only natural materials, the intricate honeycomb pattern of this special box was hand-placed and thoughtfully designed — making it the perfect gift or keepsake. Shop now.
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