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Ali MacGraw Boho Style Icon


Although Ali MacGraw is best known for her acting in 70s classics like Love Story and The Getaway, the iconic American beauty actually began her career in the fashion industry. As a photo assistant at Harper’s Bazaar, MacGraw worked alongside the legendary Diana Vreeland in the early 1960s, later moving to Vogue where she worked as both a model and a stylist. It’s no wonder, then, that as her star rose in the entertainment world, Ali MacGraw’s became a style icon. Her easy-yet-glamorous way of dressing, as Calvin Klein recalls, “exemplified this great American style. In the beginning, there was that rich-hippie period. But it went beyond that, and her style put her among the greats: Katharine Hepburn, Jackie Onassis, CZ Guest, Babe Paley.”


MacGraw’s boho-chic style, although emblematic of the 1970s, is more “chic” than it is “boho”. She favored fashion-forward, streamlined looks, adding free-spirited flair through all-over prints and a few choice accessories.


Ali MacGraw Style Boho

Take cues from this retro babe this Spring in patterned blouses worn with maxi skirts, printed silk scarves as headwraps, and easy-going basics dressed up with just the right necklace or two. In classic Ali MacGraw style, keep your look laid-back, mixing boho elements with classic American silhouettes, and let your natural beauty shine through!


Check out our Spring wardrobe picks inspired by Ali MacGraw’s iconic boho-chic style:


Boho Style Inspired By Ali MacGraw


1. Johnny Was Suede Necklace with Crystals

2. Johnny Was Orange Chalcedony Earrings

3. Johnny Was Signature Silk Thai Scarf

4. Johnny Was Suede Punchwork Cross-body Bag

5. Johnny Was Silk Fairchild Blouse

6. Johnny Was Signature Silk Bellamy Scarf

7. Johnny Was 4 Love & Liberty Silk Annick Dress


Ali MacGraw is not just a sartorial inspiration. The story of her rise to fame, subsequent retreat from the public eye, and path to finding peace and gratitude is relatable and compelling to all women. Read about Ali MacGraw’s journey in this fabulous article by Sheila Weller, published in Vanity Fair’s March 2010 issue.


Ali MacGraw in red dress with Robert Evans

Ali MacGraw is a boho vision in a printed red midi and bold silver jewelry, walking with beau Robert Evans.




Model Amanda Griffith Spring 2014 Johnny Was Lookbook

Spring 2014 JWLA / 3J Workshop Lookbook featuring Amanda Griffith



In honor of Australia Day this past weekend, we sat down with one of our favorite Aussies, Amanda Griffith. This blonde beauty graced the pages of our Spring 2014 JWLA / 3J Workshop Look Book, and we were instantly smitten by her laid-back, effortless elegance. Read on to learn more about this free-spirited beach babe’s travels, passions, and personal style.


JW: Where are you from originally? What did you love about growing up there, how did it influence your passions and your personal style?


AG: I grew up in a small town inland of Byron Bay on the North Coast of New South Wales, Australia. It was such a special area to grow up in: amazing scenery, stunning beaches, secret waterfalls and a close community. Growing up in a small town nourished my passion to get out and grab hold of bigger opportunities, so I moved to the city as soon as I finished school and pursued modeling and a design degree. Byron Bay has a very unique style that definitely influenced my own style over the years, I went through a few phases and took on the hippie/bohemian style for a few years, but now I think the eclectic, relaxed, simple style of Byron has become a staple style of mine.


Model Amanda Griffith in the Spring 2014 Johnny Was Lookbook

Amanda Griffith in the Spring 2014 JWLA / 3J Workshop Lookbook

SHOP THE LOOK: 3J Workshop New Arrivals


JW:  How did you get in to modeling?


AG: I was working in a homewares store when I was 14 and was approached by a modeling agent from Byron Bay. I did a few small shoots and shows locally with this small agency, and one of the photographers I worked with sent my photos to a bigger agent in Brisbane. I then signed with them when I was 16.


JW:  What do you love about your job? What are some other passions you have?


AG: I am a creative person, so it’s definitely a great industry to constantly see new designs, new sets/locations, and watch creative projects come together. I love the ability to travel all over the world and the diversity of every day, as it is never ever the same. I am half way through an Interior and Spatial Design Degree in Sydney which is something I would love to pursue when the time is right, but for now it is on hold so I can make the most of modeling and travelling for work.


JW: What are some of the coolest places you’ve been able to travel to because of your job?


AG: I got to spend a few months in Tokyo a few years ago, which is such an incredibly vibrant city. I loved it.


JW:  What about the coolest places you’ve been on your off time?


AG: Herron Island on The Great Barrier Reef in Australia would have to be the most incredible, eye-opening place I have been. Nothing beats diving out in the ocean with 150 year old Green Sea Turtles. I went there for a Biology excursion in my last year of high school.


JW:  What places are on your travel bucket list?


AG: I haven’t been to Europe yet! So almost every country on that continent is on my bucket list, Spain and Paris would have to be close to the top.


Model Amanda Griffith Instagram Photos

Amanda shares some of her travel photos (via Instagram)


JW:  How was your experience shooting the 3J / JWLA Look Book?


AG: Shooting for the 3J/ JWLA lookbook was definitely a highlight job of my last trip to Los Angeles. We spent the day out in the beautiful canyons of inland Malibu, on a quaint little farm property with horses and alpacas with a really fun, relaxed crew!


Model Amanda Griffith in Spring 2014 Johnny Was Lookbook

SHOP THE LOOK: 3J Workshop Vintage Patchwork Dress


JW:  How would you describe your personal style? What does “personal style” mean to you?


AG: I would describe my personal style as relaxed and classic mixed with unique pieces; whether that be an amazing necklace, jacket, or my vintage boots I found in Tokyo – I think I wear them with almost everything!  After studying design, I have a huge appreciation for interesting and well-made designs. I like to be able to wear clothes that I can easily adjust to any scenario.


Personal style to me is the way you dress that expresses yourself best, whether it be your particular mood for the day or anything that makes you feel amazing and comfortable!


JW: What Johnny Was pieces are your favorite? How would you wear them?


AG: The Biya Brianna Bead Dress in cream would be the perfect dress for a easy summer night out – its such a neutral color, but the beading gives it that extra something that really dresses it up. I’d wear it with some brown leather boots and the Johnny Was Hinga Side Embroided wallet.


 Amanda Griffith models Spring 2014 JWLA 3J Workshop

 SHOP THE LOOK: 3J Workshop Delia Peplum Button Up Blouse







.Johnny Was Stanford Shopping Center Interior

December 2013 marked the opening of our Palo Alto store at the Stanford Shopping Center, our largest store yet! With full-length glass windows in the front and extra-high ceilings, this space is airy, light, and modern. Of course, we’ve added plenty of our signature boho-chic flair: scarves strung from the ceiling, vintage chairs covered in bright custom-printed silk, and plenty of persian rugs and carpets.


Johnny Was Stanford Shopping Center Store Interior

SHOP THE LOOK: Johnny Was V-Neck Dolman Tunic, Johnny Was Eden Scarf


Johnny Was Silk Lab


The focal point of the store is the brand new Silk Lab, where our printed Signature Silk Scarves take center stage. Every month, we premiere 4 new scarf pints – all exclusive artwork that you will not find anywhere else. These unique prints also grace a few garments each season, tunics and blouses that undoubtably become customer favorites. We created the Silk Lab to showcase these one-of-a-kind pieces!


SHOP THE LOOK: Johnny Was Sunrose Tunic, Johnny Was Signature Silk Scarves


The Palo Alto store is our second in the San Francisco Bay Area (the first is located in the Westfield Valley Fair Mall in Santa Clara), and with the Stanford campus just steps away this newest addition to our family is in the middle of the action! We are looking forward to becoming a part of the Palo Alto community!


Johnny Was Stanford Shopping Center

SHOP THE LOOK: Johnny Was Signature Silk Scarves, Johnny Was Gift Set


Come experience the Silk Lab, meet our stylists, and shop for your unique boho, vintage-inspired look at 660 Stanford Shopping Center, Suite 183, Palo Alto, CA 94304.



Mon-Fri: 10 am – 9 pm

Sat: 10 am – 7 pm

Sun: 11 am – 6 pm

Phone: (650) 321 – 5010

Our Austin co-manager, Gina, is a woman of many talents. This artist, singer, writer, jewelry designer, and Johnny Was stylist lets her creative light shine through everything she does. We chatted with her about living a creatively fulfilled life and her unique Johnny Was style.


Boho Drape Cardigan

SHOP GINA’S LOOK: Johnny Was Glory Tunic, Kate Draped Cardigan Coat, Johnny Was Silk Scarf (worn as headband)


” I was introduced to Johnny Was through teaching music and art to family members and would always admire the clothes that daughter Talia wore to my classes.  When Johnny Was opened at the Grove, I went to work for them on a part time basis and loved the company so much I left my teaching job to work for them full time and then moved into an assistant manager position. I am very thankful to Johnny Was for giving me the opportunity to sell my stretchy ring line in their first three stores Santa Monica Place, The Grove and Fashion Island. Working at Johnny Was, I have been able to meet and become friends with great clients that live all over the world and have worked with a great team of ladies in LA and now in Austin.”


Hand made stretch rings

Gina’s self-designed stretch ring line.


” I am a quite the BIYA fan and collect her embroidered hooded jackets. I recently relocated to Austin, Texas to co-manage the newest Johnny Was store at The Domain Mall, and with temperatures being slightly colder in Texas than in LA, I  layer my  BIYA hoodies to keep me warm. I also love our silk scarves because they can be worn a million ways – braided, as a headband, and even as a dress! They make a unique gift, as well. ”


Ways to wear a scarf

SHOP GINA’S LOOK: Johnny Was Signature Silk Scarves


“Meeting people, watching the sun rise, selling my jewelry, volunteering, writing, singing on stage, or just hanging out with friends – I am always wearing Johnny Was. Sunsets, color, and clouds are just a few of the things that inspire my artistry.


Gina wear Johnny Was

Gina looks good and feels great in her Johnny Was while performing on stage and hanging out with loved ones.


Musician, Vocalist, Dancer, Singer/Songwriter, Performer, Jewelry designer and Writer have been labels used to describe my creative journey. Lump them all together and you have an Artist. Being an Artist by all means hasn’t given me a rich life, however, being able to cultivate my inner soul through a song, articulate an emotion through dance, to see my designs draped on someone else’s body, and to uplift a heart through one my stories has enriched my life. I didn’t wake one day and say I wanted to be an artist, it chose me. There has even been days I’ve wished for a simpler life and at times tried to walk away but then a spark of inspiration goes off in my head and I’m back to creating again. I am an Artist.”


Gina belts it out in a Biya maxi dress.


Meet Gina at Johnny Was Austin at The Domain

11600 Century Oaks Terrace, Suite 112
Austin, TX 78758
Phone: (512) 832-7972
Mon-Sat: 10am – 9pm
Sun: 12pm – 6pm

Our Newport Beach manager, Luana, hails from the sunny beaches of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil but moved to the US 13 years ago to pursue her passions for fashion and interior design. We caught up with this bohemian beauty to discuss her journey, personal fashion philosophy, and love for all things Johnny Was.
“My husband and I moved to LA two and a half years ago. That’s when my love story with Johnny Was began! I started at The Grove as a stylist and was very blessed to have the opportunity to grow with the company soon after when we opened the Orange County location. Now I am the manager at Fashion Island, Newport Beach and very very happy! I love my clients; some of them have turned in to dear friends. I love my team and coming to work for me is another happy day in my life!!
My personal style is influenced by my travels – eclectic and global inspired! I love color, prints, and lots of jewelry! ”
Palm Springs Bohemian Style

SHOP THE LOOK: Johnny Was Silk Maxi Skirt


“I was just in Palm Springs for a relaxing spa day, so I wore my Johnny Was soft silk flowy maxi skirt. Nothing better to feel comfy but look great at the same time! I love this skirt so much, and I get a lot of compliments anywhere I wear it, especially when I’m traveling. Can’t get enough of it!

The wallet I’m holding in my hands is the solid black Hinga wallet. It’s a great wallet, I can fit everything in it – cellphone, car keys, etc. The only way I’d ever change wallets again is if it was for another color of this wallet! I would recommend the Hinga wallet as a gift, too – they come in basic/solid leather or embroidered, so it just depends on their style.”

Leather Embroidered Zip Wallet

SHOP: Johnny Was Hinga Wallets

“These are two mannequin looks that I styled. I would totally rock these outfits in the streets, too! I love colors like any other good Johnny Was gal!”
Boho Chic Style Mannequin

SHOP THE LOOK: Johnny Was Spencer Tunic, Pete & Greta Roisin Sweater, Scarf


Colorful Styled Mannequin Outfit

SHOP THE LOOK: 4 Love & Liberty Tunic Pullover, Obi Belt, Silk Scarf

“Everyone that knows me, knows the party I have going on my wrists and fingers! I’m so addicted to our jewelry! I feel very naked without it… it doesn’t matter what I’m wearing, I  have to have my arm party going!!”
Bohemian Jewelry Arm Candy

SHOP THE LOOK: Johnny Was Bracelets, Johnny Was Rings


“I wanted to share my living room – I have a Prissy scarf draped over my couch to add a bohemian touch to my home, reflecting my gypsy spirit! I love our scarves not just to add color and print to my outfits, but also my environment! I have a passion for interior design as well as fashion.”

SHOP THE LOOK: Johnny Was Silk Scarves

Visit Luana at our Newport Beach store at Fashion Island and let her help you style your boho-chic look!

Johnny Was Fashion Island

903 Newport Center Drive

Newport Beach, CA 92660

Phone: (9949) 219 – 0557





Drop us a line at info@johnnywas.com